Vol. 13, No. 23, December 4, 2000

 Friday Potpourri

Don Chandler gave the invocation and led the pledge to the flag. Frank Stillo welcomed four visiting Rotarians and other guests.

The Fellowship Committee, chaired by Dick Brown, meets this coming Friday immediately after the regular meeting. The Committee will put the final touches on the Annual Holiday Breakfast set for December 15. Brown reminded members that guests attending the Holiday Breakfast are complimentary.

Chris Ballard took a quick poll to see how many members might like to engage in a ski weekend at Crystal Mountain the last weekend in January. A nice show of hands keeps the flame alive.

Madeline Gauthier reminded members that young people who are homeless or involved in foster care have needs for luggage and clothing. A drive will take place right after the New Year, on January 12.

Shelley Noble, representing Hopelink, thanked the BBRC for its generosity over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Thirty families were served with lots of wonderful gifts of food in beautifully decorated baskets. It was an excellent project. Thanks to all.

Activity Announcements

  • Don Chandler announced that Pakpoom Saen-jung (“Tah”), our exchange student from Thailand, has made his move from the Chris Monger home to the home of Jenny Andrews and Tom Lawry. Chandler noted that a host family is still needed in late March. Please contact him if you’re interested.
  • Jeff Cashman said that the Bikes to Mexico project awaits delivery of bicycles boxes. “We find that each bike must be boxed for shipment, which means we must dismantle the handlebars and secure each bike for travel. Oak Harbor Freightlines has agreed to haul the 80 or so bikes to San Francisco, and Mexicana Airlines has agreed to fly them to Mexico City, all gratis. A joint project with a Mexico City Rotary club will get the bikes up and running and distributed to orphanages in the area.
  • While on his feet, Cashman also pitched the Mexico City work party, slated for February 17-21. Airfare with Continental airlines is $534. BBRC will team up with a Mexico City Rotary Club for some building projects at a local orphanage. Those interested should contact Cashman.

Rotarians hit Rock BottomAbout two dozen Rotarians showed up at a reception honoring Margie Burnett (she's the one with the big ears) for her stellar work as Financial Guru of the Raffle campaign. Each participant brought a rose to the gathering at Bellevue's Rock Bottom.