Vol. 13, No. 16, October 16, 2000

 Raffle Update

With just three weeks away from the final turn-in of raffle tickets, the big push begins! Raffle Chair Steve Lingenbrink notes that at this time a year ago, $61,000 had been collected. After last week’s meeting, the total is $50,341. “Up till now, we’ve been keeping pace with our record of last year. Now, we’re slipping a little. I urge all members to turn in their tickets they’ve sold to date, so we can get a handle on the job remaining.”

With the defection of four “States” from the two major parties, the total take remains the same, but now there’s a third party in the game. The Whigs lead with $22,374, or 44%; the Tories have $19,216, or 38%; and the new Dark Side Party has $8,762, or 17%.

Sixteen members have achieved sales of over $1,000:

  • Steve Lingenbrink
  • Norm Johnson
  • Howard Johnson
  • Peter Powell
  • Jim Young
  • Chuck Barnes
  • Joseph Brazen
  • Bill Spencer
  • Steve Goldfarb
  • Kevin Jewell
  • Colin Radford
  • Kim Shrader
  • Bill Scott
  • Rick Klobucher
  • Tom Smith
  • Bob McNulty

Darth Nader
The force is with us!

President-Elect Steve Goldfarb, under whose direction the Raffle is orchestrated, leads all individual ticket sellers with $3,200. The top Tory state is the State of Shock, with $4,867, followed by the State of Confidence, with $4,332. Top Whig state is State of Affairs, with $6,621, followed closely by the State of DeNile, with $6,570.

The Dark Side party has to go some to reach parity with the other two parties. It will be an interesting three weeks to see how that goes. The State of Excitement leads the vote-getters in the Dark Side party with $3,392.

Turn-in of tickets and money occurs each Friday morning at the weekly meeting.