Vol. 13, No. 14, October 2, 2000

 Projects Brewing At Sammamish High

Thanks to coordinated efforts by Wally Mahoney, the BBRC has re-connected with Sammamish High School with several projects on the near horizon.

Sammamish High SchoolIn cooperation with the Sammamish Honor Society president Doan Si Bui, a group of SHS students will join with the BBRC for the annual tree-planting project on the Sammamish River. The project is set to take place on Saturday, October 28, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Mahoney has also put together a career counseling project, which will benefit Sammamish High School students. In conjunction with SHS counselor Shanon Magnusson, the next step is to schedule a counseling session at the High School. Mark Esteb is the coordinator working with Shanon, while John Sheeran is in charge of the volunteer counselors.

Volunteers jumping at the chance to help our young people include: Linda Barton, Management/Leadership/Local Government; Joseph Brazen, Real Estate/ Marketing/Small Business; Zul Devji, Business Development; Wendi Fischer, Education/On-Line Learning; Madeline Gauthier, Law; Larry Gill, Commercial Photography; Terry Gotham, Sales/Marketing; Susan Harrison, Architecture/Retail Design; Dale Hemphill, Engineering; Norm Johnson, Computers/ Data Collection; Jane Kuechle, Non-Profits; Bob McNulty, Financial Management; Wallace Mahoney, Package Goods Marketing; John Martinka, Business Consulting; Larry A May (#2), Sales/Marketing; Shelley Noble, Social Services; John Sheeran, Computing/Banking; Tom Smith, Air Force/Business Management/Legal; Bill Spencer, “Getting Into High Tech”; Dick Swanson, Dentistry; Mary Truesdell, Public Accounting; Steve White, Insurance; and Jim Young, Engineering/Manufacturing/Utilities.

Wally, who’s on vacation for a couple of weeks visiting family in Florida, reminds all members to read the article in the latest “Rotarian” magazine under Vocational Service. It’s called “Working It Out,” outlining some successful programs in place by Rotarians in Naperville, Illinois.

And, lastly, mark January 19, 2001, on your calendar for an off-site meeting for breakfast at 7:00 a.m at Sammamish High School. This continues a tradition of meeting annually at Sammamish, learning the latest initiatives in education.