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Vol. 13, No. 12, September 18, 2000

 Raffle Report
 compiled by Margie Burnett, CPA

The Tories finally made their move and began making the Raffle 2000 Election a horserace. From a slow showing two weeks ago, the Tories took over top spot in the vote-getting exercise, pulling ahead of the Whigs for the first time, 13,133-10,757. (Remember, these “votes” are in reality dollars. You do the math!)

Early leaders among the Tories include Rick Klobucher’s $1,000; Dick Tschetter’s $1,500; Norm Johnson’s $1,486; Howard Johnson’s $1,000; and Jim Young’s $1,200.

Meanwhile, the Whigs fell behind, but still accounted for some newcomer’s activity. Steve Goldfarb, who just keeps on selling, took over the individual top spot with $2,510, sneaking ahead of Whig party member Joseph Brazen, holding at $2,010. The two top delegations are State of Affairs, led by Shelley Noble, (Brazen’s state) with $3,204, followed by State of DeNile, led by Scott Sadler (Goldfarb’s state) with $3,030.

Steve Lingenbrink reported that 13 Rotarians have already exceeded the $800 goal for ticket sales. New names on the hot sales list for the Whigs include Kim Shrader, flooring everyone with a big $1,300 push.

CPA Burnett noted that the total of $23,890 is a shade under $3,000 from the total collected by this time last year. The 1999 Raffle effort brought in over $100,000 for charity allocation, and officials of the 2000 Election campaign are counting on an equally impressive result.


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