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RI 2000-2001 THEME
Create Awareness-Take Action

Vol 13, No 10      September 5, 2000

Huskies Open 2000 Season

Friday Potpourri

O’Brien On Fire

Raffle Report compiled by Margie Burnett, CPA

Political Campaign Rhetoric

Listing Of Weekend Sales Sites

Web Fun

This Week's Editor
John Mix

This Week's Photographer
Jim Kindsvater
Wally Mahoney
Steve Lingenbrink

Points Of Interest

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Brent Myers
Husky offensive line coach Brent Myers

Huskies Open 2000 Season

In anticipation of renewal of a very old rivalry, the Idaho Vandals came to Montlake last Saturday to help Washington open its football season. Brent Myers, a Shoreline native, Eastern Washington graduate, and a football coach at Eastern, Northern Arizona, Boise State, and Arizona, was introduced as the new offensive line coach for the Huskies. Tim Moriarty awarded Brent a box of instant mashed potatoes, commemorating the last Husky win over Idaho in 1973. More

Political Campaign Rhetoric

In the continuing story of Raffle 2000 and the battle between the Whigs and Tories, Dick Brown, Tory Presidential candidate, demanded equal time from two weeks ago when his opponent, Whig candidate Jim Zidar gave an eloquent maiden speech. Brown, accompanied by his attractive running mate, Sharon Edberg, wanted time to “answer the inaccurate and unfair representations made by my opponent Zidar.” More

To Tell the Truth

The fun game where a member will toss out four things he or she has done in his or her life – one of those being false – was played Friday morning with Mark “Q” Esteb being the “Mark.”

Mark claimed he:

  1. rowed crew while in college
  2. dated golf legend Byron Nelson’s granddaughter
  3. once was forced to flee communist border guards
  4. entered college on a baseball scholarship

Nine tables couldn’t see Mark rowing crew; one didn’t believe the baseball stuff. No votes for the communists. Only one table saw through the haze and picked #2, dating the granddaughter of Byron Nelson, which was false. Everybody else put a buck on the table – a profitable morning for the Sergeant At Arms.

Rotary Minute

President Cary brought us up to date on the history of the Rotary slogan. In 1910, at the  second Rotary Convention in Portland, OR, the attendees adopted the slogan “He profits most who serves best.” This remained as the Rotary International slogan until 1950, when another slogan was adopted, “Service not self.” Then, in 1989, the current slogan was adopted, “Service Above Self.”

West Seattle Rotary Challenge

A Show-Up-or-Put-Up Challenge was unveiled by two high-ranking officials of the West Seattle Rotary Club Friday. Kimberly Terry, President, and Marti Anderson, President-Elect, arrived to throw the gauntlet down for a friendly get-together over breakfast and lunch.

The challenge works this way: the club who sets the highest attendance at one another’s Club will receive $100 and a plaque from the losing club. The West Seattle Rotary will visit the BBRC on Friday, September 22, at 7:00 a.m; and the BBRC will reciprocate with a visit to the WSRC at noon on Tuesday, September 26. Attendance will be counted by a percentage of membership. Stay tuned for more on this one!

Coming Events

Remlinger Farm,
2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
$10 for Club members and spouses; $5.00 for each child.
Sign-up sheets available for the next couple of weeks.

Please contact
Craig Nelsen for details.

Thought For The Week
“The only drawback to being a good sport is you have to lose to prove it.”

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