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Vol. 13, No. 3, July 17, 2000

 BBRC Foundation Committee Sets Schedule

Chairman Rick Klobucher has set a schedule for a number of Monday mornings for the Foundation Committee to begin its laborious task of selecting the agencies and organization to be recipients of supporting grants. Rick has set 7:30 a.m. as the time of the Monday meetings on the 18th Floor of the Bank of America Building, next to the Hyatt Hotel, in downtown Bellevue.

The meeting dates are as follows: August 7, 21, 28; September 18, 25; October 2, 9. The August 7 meeting is an important one, since a team of three or four members will be assigned to consider proposals from agencies. The results of these reviews will be accepted at the meetings of August 21 and/or August 28.

The next step will be to review the applications as a committee, winnowing the list down to the groups where site visits will occur. The site visits will take place in early September, with results reported back to the full Committee on September 18 and 25. The Committee will then make its recommendations and finalize its report to the BBRC Board of Directors, which Rick will handle on Tuesday, October 10.

A very aggressive schedule, to fulfill the obligations set by previous Foundation Committees to make sure the grants go to the most deserving agencies.

Committee membership includes: Chuck Barnes, Jeff Maxwell, Jim Owens, Linda Barton, Lynne Gauthier, Paul Juul, and Rob Lemmon.


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