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Vol. 12, No. 49, June 19, 2000

 Operational Task Force Recommendations

Lingenbrink & Brown
Steve Lingenbrink and Dick Brown announce findings of special club operational budget task force.

A task force recently appointed by President DeWater and the Board of Directors to investigate the Club’s prosperity in managing the operational budget provided a recommendation Friday morning. Steve Lingenbrink and Dick Brown, co-chairpersonss of the task force, made a presentation in which details were discussed.

“Former Treasurer Jonathan Koshar had brought the issue before the Club leadership early this year,” reported Brown. “The retained earnings since 1995 had accumulated a total of $50 ,000. The Board of Directors sought to determine how to use these funds.”

The recommendation of the task force is to put $20,000 of the total in a reserve fund and $10,000 towards the BBRC Endowment (bringing the total invested so far to over $50,000); earmark $10,000 for the celebration of the Club’s 15th anniversary, slated for November 18th of this year; $5,000 to subsidize travel expenses for the International projects and District Conference attended by members; and $5,000 to the Foundation Committee for use to match member contributions to the Rotary Foundation.

With no questions from the audience, a motion by Don Chandler to accept the recommendations received unanimous treatment. President DeWater thanked the task force for “diligently and forthrightly dealing with this issue.”


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