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Vol. 12, No. 49, June 19, 2000

 Esperanza Receives Grant

Dave Valle & Brian Evison
Dave Valle accepts BBRC check from Brian Evison.

A long-standing project supported by the BBRC, Esperanza was born out of personal experience of the founders while they went about their baseball careers. Dave Valle, former Mariner catcher, was one of those founders and, along with Fred Gregory, showed up Friday to capture a hefty donation for the organization’s work in the Dominican Republic.

One of the latest projects established by Esperanza is a micro-lending program. Dave described this new project having made 6,800 loans, averaging $150.00 each, with a total of $1.2 million having been lent and a 97% repayment rate. The loans are made to people who are able to parlay the start-up funds to get a small business rolling. The ongoing commitment by the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club made a $5,000 check available for further modernization and upgrade of the only health clinic in the city of San Pedro. “The clinic serves an average of 30 to 50 people daily serving a real need in this community,” reported Dave. “You should feel good about what you’re doing, because you are helping people where they need it most.”

Brian Evison, who is one of the BBRC’s Founding Members of the Jet Lag Club, just blew in from some far off port the night before … “and I slept in this morning,” he sheepishly admitted. Brian arrived just in time to produce the check from his pocket and present it to Valle. Brian also announced that the two-year bike project has finally seen completion, as the bikes were given to the youngsters originally intended. A report from a sister Rotary Club in Rio will be offered soon.


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