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Vol 12, No 49      June 19, 2000

Demystifying Internet Payment Fraud

Raffle Update

Esperanza Receives Grant

Operational Task Force Recommendations

Friday Potpourri

Web Fun

Golf Tournament
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If you search for Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club on MSN Search, we are the #1 listing. But even more interesting is that Mike Hyodo’s family page is the #8 listing! It pays to link to the BBRC website.

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Joe Barette
Joe Barette, Vitessa Corporation

Demystifying Internet Payment Fraud

Joe Barette, co-founder and Vice-President for Marketing of a Seattle-based company, Vitessa Corporation, set out to explain why there’s FUD in the new markets being created by the Internet. FUD, for your information, stands for “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.” The growth of the Internet, as we’ve learned in past weeks, has a phenomenal growth track building toward a $100 billion market, “yet consumer trust is low,” said Joe. More

Foundation Committee Acts

Rick Klobucher, BBRC Foundation Committee chairperson, announced that the annual sending of applications for financial support to area organizations will begin this week. The Foundation list contains names of 48 organizations that serve the Eastside in special ways. The list was made available at Friday’s meeting. Klobucher invited members who may have other organizations that should be contacted to give him a call. This activity is a prelude to the Foundation Committee selection of the various organizations the BBRC will financially support in the coming year. This is important business, so make sure you and your interests are served.

Raffle Update

Rick McManus rose to bring members a quick update on the coming Golf Outing, which will raise funds to pay expenses for the coming Raffle. “We have 97 golfers signed up … and have144 slots to fill. Either contact me directly or go to the website and register online.” Registration for the tourney is $135. Robin Callan said the Mt. Si golf course has a limited number of golf carts available for use on July 7. “If you want to reserve a cart, do so right away. Call Mt Si direct.” (Ph 425-888-1541) More

Operational Task Force Recommendations

A task force recently appointed by President DeWater and the Board of Directors to investigate the Club’s prosperity in managing the operational budget provided a recommendation Friday morning. Steve Lingenbrink and Dick Brown, co-chairpersonss of the task force, made a presentation in which details were discussed. More

Member Directory In Use

Members who have established login IDs and passwords for the directory know that it is indeed open for business. There are still a few members, however, who have not yet had their pictures taken or filled out their census forms (click here to do it now!) available in the Members Only section. Following is a list of those who still need photos taken

Susan Amini
Ricardo D’Jaen
Wally Mahoney
Wayne McCaulley

Bill Spencer
Dick Swanson
Dick Tschetter
Donn Roberts

Members should contact Larry Gill to make arrangements for photos.

Rotary Wheel
Rotate The Wheels This Friday Night

The BBRC’s annual Rite of Summer, “Rotating the Wheels Banquet,” will take place at the General Petroleum Museum, on Capitol Hill, in Seattle, this Friday evening. Beginning at 6:00 p.m. with a reception, a dinner buffet is scheduled at 7:00 p.m., with kudos to the retiring administration of John DeWater and a welcome to the new leadership headed by new President Cary Kopczynski. Other entertainment will follow. Dress is “very casual.” The visit to the Petroleum Museum is an experience in itself. It’s located at 1526 Bellevue Avenue, Seattle.

There will be some auction items offered that evening: two tickets on Northwest Airlines to any destination in the continental U.S., a Mariner Baseball jersey signed by Edgar Martinez; and a dinner for two couples at the fashionable townhome of Gordie and Sharon Edberg. A gourmet repast will be prepared by the gastronomical master.

If you haven’t made arrangements to attend, contact Peter Powell immediately!

Thought For The Week
Courage is something you always have until you need it.

Uncle John MixMember Directory Form

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