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Vol. 12, No. 44, May 15, 2000

 First Steps Toward Online Directory

John Mix offered an update on work in progress to install an online directory as part of the Club’s website. Larry Gill began the process of taking head-and-shoulder digital pictures of each member before and after the meeting. This will continue for the next two meetings. Special arrangements will be necessary if members miss these “sittings.”

A census form is located on the website which can be quickly and easily filled out. In the spot marked “Personal & Vocational History,” there are three sections to be created by each member to appear as a description of what work the member is engaged in, what community involvement the member is or has been active in, and skills that the member brings to Rotary. At the suggestion of Robin Stark, club Webster, it’s recommended that members go to their word processing software, create three separate paragraphs giving the information requested and then cut and paste the finished text in the boxes provided on the census form. Contact John Mix if you have problems or questions.

The intention is to have all of the text for each member collected and placed on their own page in the directory by July 1. In order to complete this project, everyone’s cooperation is expected and appreciated.


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