Friday Feb 24, 2017

Hans Florine

Professional Rock climber / Motivational Speaker / Author

“Hans Florine – World’s Fastest Climber, and what does that have to do with Rotary?”

Introduced by: Bob Holert

Aided by images, video, and stories, Hans gives a brief history of climbing in Yosemite Valley from the early 1900s to the present. He weaves in advances in technology and his pursuit of record ascents. In the later portion of his program he surprisingly, and appropriately, weaves in a Rotary story that folds into the timeline of climbing and Hans’s own adventures.”

More information is available on Hans and his recent book at the following websites: and the web page for his recent book:  


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St Paddy’s Day Dine Around

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Dine Around Hosts and Guests Needed!

Carmela Ramaglia

Join us for a St. Paddy’s Day Dine Around – March 17th and 18th! The Dine Around is our annual “surprise” dinner party! The Fellowship Committee organizes the guest lists. To create the parties, we need “hosts” and “guests.” Please reply to Carmela to participate – will you be a host or a guest?