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Club Admin: Website Committee

25 July 2014

Content Evangelists to promote, extol, encourage, wrangle, and bamboozle club members into posting content on the website. Must be literate, articulate, and incapable of taking 'No' for an answer.
Product Marketer to champion the BBRC website to Rotary Clubs near and far. Must be able to sell ice cream to Bedouins and S'mores to Eskimos. Ability to negotiate with Rotary International a plus.

All applicants must be able to pass the Website Committee Aptitude Test

Int’l Svc: World Community Svc Comm.

25 July 2014

Great new posting on recent projects in Colombia from Rotarian Ann Norman.

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Friday 15 August

Annette Jahnel

Author, Traveler and Photographer

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