Friday Mar 3, 2017

Zach Scott

Retired Defender Seattle Sounders

“Finding Success and Overcoming Adversity”

Introduced by: Kaj Pedersen

Zach shared his amazing life story with BBRC.   He and his younger brother were born and raised in Maui.  They were from a single family home, but Zach also came to appreciate the benefit of living on Maui with his family and the extended family around him.  His extended family included the coaches that became his father figures or spending time mentoring Zach as he grew up.

Zach’s first job was picking pineapples.  Zach’s mother wanted him to do this work, so he would learn the valuable lesson of applying himself to avoid undertaking this type of work in the future.  Zach left Maui to attend school at Gonzaga University.   The big adjustment to the cold took a little time for Zach to get used to after the warmer climes on Maui.  At Gonzaga, the Zach took more an interest in soccer, although his initial foray into the sport was not greeted with enthusiasm.  The assistant coach for Gonzaga told Zach he wasn’t soccer material but invited him to the tryouts.  It was as result of his willingness to persevere in soccer that led to Zach securing a small scholarship.  After this, Zach stuck with the sport.

On his journey Zach also tried out for the Portland soccer team and again told he was not soccer material.  Something he took on and continued to persevere with the game. Meanwhile, while in pursuit of his soccer dream, Zach was also realistic to recognize that he had to find work.  So, he pursed his teaching credentials and graduated with a math degree and secured his teaching certificate.

However, soccer was still the driver for him.   While he was a teacher, he went to try out for a small unassuming team called the Sounders in Seattle, where he tried out.  Zach was offered a small contract to play for the team.  Then he would work as a teacher during the week (Spokane) and play soccer over the weekend  in Seattle.  He was paid for every game he played, and that led to many tough conversations with his wife on a few occasions.

In 2009, there was a new soccer team that formed in Seattle, the Seattle Sounders.  At this time Zach was a young dad with two kids.  He really didn’t think he’d make the team, but he continued to work hard in the selection process and watched many of his friends get dropped.  Zach continued to remain.  Then three days before the first soccer game Zach was offered a contract to join the Seattle Sounders!

At the time the team did not know how Seattle was going to accept the team.  Zach was blown away at how packed the stadium was at every game.  Over the years, he has been impressed with the growth of the fans in support of the team.   In 2015, Zach decided to retire as he realized it was time time to look for the next challenge in his life after the Sounders.  The Sounders had other thoughts and asked Zach to come back for another year.

In 2016 the coach changed, the assistant coach become coach and mid year the team went from being the worst soccer team in Sounders history to becoming the greatest team in Sounders history – securing the MLS title.

When Zach looks back on his career he is truly thankful for being able to live and play soccer for over 15 years in the same city, for his supporters, his family and extended family.

Slalom Consulting is the company that he now works for, helping other businesses to form the relationships and collaboration needed to grow.

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St Paddy’s Day Dine Around

LAST CALL for the Dine Around!!

Social Event  •   Organized by Club Admin: Fellowship Committee
By Carmela Ramaglia


This is the LAST CALL for the Dine Around!

Our annual “surprise dinner parties” will be held Friday March 17th and Saturday March 18th. If you would like to participate, contact Carmela (click the blue button) by THIS FRIDAY, March 3rd!

Thank You! 🙂

All in for Autism 5K/10K Run/Walk – April 23rd, 2017

Striding Into Spring with the All in for Autism 5K/10K Run/Walk

Fundraiser Event  •   Organized by Fundraising: Bellevue 10K Run/Walk
By Kaj Pedersen

Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club and Kindering are expecting over 2500 runners to participate in this year’s 5K/10K Run/Walk

Bellevue, WA. – February 21, 2017 – The Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club (BBRC) with their partner Kindering are encouraging everyone to seek healthy lifestyles by signing up for the All in for Autism 5K/10K Run/Walk on the 23rd April.  In participating in this event, participants will also be helping to raise awareness for autism and other related disorders.

This is the eleventh year in which Bellevue’s premier 5K/10K Run/Walk has been supported and we are expecting a turnout of over 2500 participants this year to build on the prior year’s successes.  The All in for Autism event benefits Kindering and other youth projects. Kindering provides individualized family-centered early intervention services for children who are disabled, medically fragile, or vulnerable because of abuse or neglect.  

We are pleased that many local companies have stepped in to support the All in for Autism family run/walk and these include: Bellevue Collections, Escape Outdoors, Starbucks, Amazon, Overlake Medical Center, OfferUp, the City of Bellevue, Advanced Renal Tech, GLY, Parallels and others.  Katherine DeStephano, of Escape Outdoors, said “we are very pleased to be supporting the All in for Autism 5K/10K Run/Walk on its eleventh anniversary, particularly as it helps encourage a healthy lifestyle and supports the important work of Kindering, as well as other local charities.”

Mimi Siegel, the Executive Director of Kindering, said “We are excited by the prospect of this year’s All in for Autism event, especially after the tremendous support we received from last year’s participants in the event.  It will be such a fun and healthy event, and we are thrilled with our continued partnership with the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club in supporting this event.”  Zach Scott, formerly of the Sounders, further added, in gratitude for the BBRC’s work to organize the All in for Autism 5K/10K Run/Walk, “Thank you, Bellevue Breakfast Rotary, for your continued support of Kindering and calling attention to the importance of early intervention for infants and toddlers with special needs.”

BBRC’s President, Mike Ralph, further says “We are determined and excited to make the eleventh year our best event ever!  With the wonderful support  from over 2100 participants last year, we are looking forward to see many more people enjoy the fabulous outdoors in our City and to support Kindering.”

The BBRC membership is dedicated to “service above self” and we derive much toward this goal through the contributions of our dynamic membership and local businesses.  The club welcomes all interested parties who want to participate, volunteer or donate money to the event to contact us directly via our web: