Friday Feb 17, 2017

"The GPS Guide to Goal Setting, A New Way to Getting There!"

Barry Long

Public Speaker / Co-Founder Talk & Roll Enterprises / Golden Acts

Introduced by: Chris Boland

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In Barry’s 20+ years of speaking to businesses and organizations, he has found that goal setting, and achieving goals is one of the most difficult tasks people face. He has found a new mindset to goal setting which is both easy and can be fun as well, which he will share with you. Join us at Glendale Golf & Country Club this Friday to hear Barry energize, motivate and inspire you!

About the Speaker

With a majority of his career spent in sales and marketing, Barry Long has built his livelihood on relationship building and a passion for helping others. A true pioneer, Barry is the very first disabled ADA real estate broker in the state of Washington, working with Marketplace Sotheby’s International Realty. With first-hand, expansive knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Barry specializes in finding properties that best cater to his clients with any type of unique need.

Upon meeting Barry, one can easily ascertain why he has earned great success guiding others as they strive toward their goals. Professionally, he is painstakingly knowledgeable, determined, flexible, hardworking and committed to trustworthiness. As a lifelong Puget Sound resident, Barry has deep roots and networks in the local community that foster connections and opportunities few are able to match.

In his spare time, Barry contributes to the Secretary of State’s Disability Advisory Committee, was recently the Chairman of the Outreach Committee for Disability & Employment for the State of Washington, and supports our country's active duty soldiers, veterans and wounded warriors. Barry is a motivational speaker, volunteer, and sports enthusiast who enjoys spending time with his wife, Emily, and their two children.

Barry has been the President of Talk & Roll Enterprises since 1996, a public speaking business delivering presentations for public and private business organizations, associations and schools. Topics are motivational in nature and relate to business and personal themes.

He is also a Co-Founder of Golden Acts, At its core Golden Acts is a social platform where people will interact with, encourage, share and appreciate the acts of kindness by others and take pride in their own “golden acts”. The platform will help each individual find great ways to give back and to use their experiences to encourage others to do the same. On top of this platform will be education, benefits of positivity, promoting positive behavior and other programs they plan to bring to the world. "Our mission is simple…. Make the World a Better place one Golden Act at a time!”

Follow them across their social channels to get a glimpse of what they are up to and stay tuned as they grow and expand their platform.

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