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Vol. 17, No. 42, April 18, 2005


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“Modern Uses for Radiation,” Dr. Alan E. Waltar, recently retired Director of Nuclear Energy at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, WA, and currently serving as the Lab’s Senior Advisor, will explore modern uses for radiation. Steve Waltar will introduce his father for Friday’s program. Bring a guest and enjoy a Glendale breakfast! 7:00 a.m., Glendale Country Club.


BBRC’s new do-it-yourself Directory update feature is in full operation. You must have a valid ID/PW for access. Once granted entry, the screen opens on the Directory Home page, where you will be directed to a club roster. Select your highlighted name and be introduced to the Update Form. Fill out each box required. Use the tab key for moving around the form. When update is completed, click on the “Submit” key only ONCE.

From this point on, each member has the responsibility of updating his/her own Directory page. Change of home address, email address, classification and other information will be entered by individual Rotarians. If you do not visit this part of the website and bring your form up to date, you will be out of step with the membership. Kindly respond and tell YOUR story on YOUR page for YOUR Rotary club.

On a related note, Directory pictures will be taken this Friday morning beginning at 6:45 by Photographer/Member Larry Gill. All new members who’ve not had their portraits taken, plus other members who’d like to update their current mug shots, are encouraged to submit to the shutter.

The Friday Program:
Activate America ­ Highlighting
the Nation’s Lifestyle Crisis

x0418Nicoll2The BBRC was privileged to hear from the President/CEO of the Greater Seattle YMCA, Neal Nicoll Friday morning. Neal told his audience that 185,000 people are served annually by his organization and it is supported by 13,000 donors. “Over the years, the Seattle YMCA has been noted for program innovation. For instance, Earth Service Corps was founded through the YMCA in Seattle.” Neal also noted that he’s got two daughters getting married this summer ... ”I see my retirement retreating over the horizon!”

The YMCA of Greater Seattle is a large human service organization. “We conduct learn to swim classes, day camp, etc. We have a broad array of programs and several are not in the public profile of what we do. For instance, we care very much about at-risk youth. We provide a shelter for 15-20 homeless kids who sleep there, shower there and get a meal. These are kids who’ve dropped out of school and do not have the financial means for a roof over their head. In such transitions, including foster children’s programs, the fact is when you reach 18 years of age, you’re cut loose. A fact we shouldn’t ignore is that 65% of college grads move home to their parents before they find themselves and move on.” Neal said that five foster kids are living in rented facilities available for them while they finish their education. “We don’t care who you are and where you come from. All we care about is where you want to go.” READ MORE

Eastside YMCA Report

x0418YMCAFor several years, the BBRC has supported programs of the Lake Heights YMCA and other YMCAs on the Eastside. Community Service Committee Chair Lynne Gauthier presented a check to Eastside Executive Director Scott Sadler, who also doubles as a BBRC Director. Scott thanked the club for continuing to provide the means to allow “caring adults to work in kid’s lives.”


We Get Emails

(Stewart Martin was one of our stalwarts as an active BBRC member, prior to leaving to set up his residence along the Oregon Coast. He has never failed to keep in touch and was one of the first “old members” to update his Directory page! Here is an email sent to President-Elect Lingenbrink.)

Dear Pres-Elect Steve,

My hearty congratulations on a successful, energetic and involving planning retreat for your coming year. I have forwarded this great summary (with photos!) to the Seaside Rotary officers and key board members.

Not to remake the Seaside Club in your image, but (as I told them): 

The pulse of a Rotary Club can be felt strongest in planning retreats of Members led by their Officers and Board.

At those retreats leaders — and active Rotarian members — can test new ideas, give valuable feedback to leadership, question prior assumptions ... and most importantly come together in setting common goals for the coming Rotary Year.

We can be better Rotarians and a retreat is a way to do that. The key benefits of such a retreat are we would all be working together, learning to act from the same playbook, sharing the burdens of leadership ("many hands make light work") ... and rekindling the spirit of Rotary in our Club.

You guys do it right!

Missing all of you, and a member of the BBRC forever,
Stewart Martin
Manzanita, OR


Painting Party Set

Steve Luplow, mouthpiece for the Community Service committee announces the annual spring painting party will take place at one of the BBRC’s favorite organizations, the Eastside Adult Day Services in Bellevue. The club’s very first project was a painting and fix-up day at EADS nearly 20 years ago. Now history repeats itself. There’s a make-up awaiting all members who participate. Wear your paint clothes and be at EADS on Saturday, April 23, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Contact Luplow for more details or sign-up on the form provided at your table on Friday.


Thought for the week

“The sovereign invigorator of the body is exercise, and of all the exercises, walking is the best.” — Thomas Jefferson


John Mix

Jim Kindsvater




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