Vol. 16, No. 30, January 26, 2004



Being able to celebrate a 100th birthday is an achievement we all strive for. Being a member of an organization that has done such wonderful things for people around the world is an even more satisfying thought. Next year, a little more than 12 months away, Rotary International celebrates its 100th Anniversary on February 23, 2005. To mark this achievement, the 31,500 Rotary Clubs across the globe are gearing up their Centennial projects. The BBRC is no exception and is in perfect alignment to adopt and execute a project that will a have lasting impact on the Bellevue community. Come and hear about the project and be prepared to join the Club as it embarks on Rotary’s Centennial Project. President-elect Norm Johnson will present the program. Bring a guest or potential member. This is a great program to see the inner workings of a Rotary Club and how it moves forward in service to the community. Join us for a 7:00 a.m. breakfast, 7:30 club meeting and program at 8:00 a.m. at Glendale Country Club. Don’t miss it!


Reminder: The Badge Box is generally up to date. Some of the new members who’ve received Blue Badges don’t have their member numbers on the backs of their blue badges. There is a spot for you in the Badge Box. Please look on the roster pasted on the inside box cover for your name and number. Then, put your badge in the appropriate slot and remember where it is for next week. Thank you.

Actual Headlines

Outhouse Expert Studies Passing Trend

Eye Drops Off Shelves

Church sign in Longmont, Colorado: All those in favor of reducing gasoline consumption, raise your right foot.

Editor’s Observation: Did you ever think we’d see the day when we buy milk at the gas station and gas at the grocery store?



A Heck of a Pickle With This Technology


KirkBaileyAn inside look at security measures in the computer industry left his audience mulling over what they’d just learned. Bringing a wealth of experience in the field, Kirk C. Bailey reeled off dozens of examples of where we’re dealing with “broken technology, not being used for what it was designed.”

Bailey, picked by the December 2003 issue of Information Security Magazine as “one of the ten best people in the industry — chosen as the Best Multi-Tasker” today — serves as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the City of Seattle. He is also the UW’s manager of Strategic Computer Security Services.

From these perches, Bailey has become a sought-after advisor to organizations seeking answers to computer security. He is the founder and key leader of The Agora, a professional security organization. Founded in 1995, The Agora is a successful strategic association of information systems security professionals, technical experts, and officials from the private sector, public agencies, local, state and federal government, and law enforcement.

Bailey’s work with The Agora has been reported throughout the country in the nation’s leading newspapers. He has also appeared on local television news shows, as well as the PBS Frontline special “Hackers.” Bailey is a 28-year veteran of Information Technology, with special interest in its application to healthcare and banking. His main hobby is collecting baseball autographs, including rare signatures of early players and paintings. READ MORE

New Krentz Novel a Winner

TruthDareJayne Ann Krentz, popular Seattle novelist who presented the BBRC program on May 3, 2001, has a new feather in her writing cap. Claiming the title of the “Northwest’s most popular novelist,” Krentz continues her “amazing string of New York Times’ best sellers with the debut of ‘Truth or Dare’ (Putnam, 401 pages, $24.95), No #4 on this week’s list.” (From PI, 1/24/2004). This is the highest rating the Seattle writer has achieved for a new book and marks her 38th straight appearance on the national list. Krentz was quoted as saying that she’s “making a transition to suspense writing from romance,” and she’s glad that “readers are willing to go with that transition.”

‘Truth or Dare’ is Krentz’s second novel set in a fictional Arizona town. She participated in a book signing at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop Saturday.


MoloneyValentineLast Call for
Valentine Dine-Around

Bob Moloney said all is ready for the February 14 Valentine Dine-Around. “Sixty-five members and spouses have signed up, either as hosts or guests. We’re short just one couple. Call me if you want to join in.” Bob thanked the membership for its great response to the Valentine dinner project. You can tell he loves to do this and we love him for it!


Tickets to Russian Concert

A few tickets remain for the concert next week featuring the Russian Chamber Orchestra. The appearance is sponsored by Dick Spady, co-founder of Dick’s Drive-In on the occasion of the drive-in’s 50th anniversary. The concert is Friday, February 6, in Benaroya Hall. Tickets are $25 each, with the proceeds donated to children’s hospitals in Seattle and Russia. Contact Dick Clarke if you’d like more details (Ph 206-524-2517).


PagetPaget Reports on New Campaign

Nick Paget laid out plans for a new BBRC membership campaign that will reach out to potential young members. Nick, who is the youngest BBRC member, said he was particularly interested in contact with young men and women in his age group (25-30) who may have an interest in Rotary. “I will be bringing guests in the near future and I hope you’ll be nice to them!” You got it, Nick, and we will!


BohlingRYLA Coming

Alan Bohling reported that Rotary Youth Leadership seminar is coming soon. He’ll be back to tell us more real soon. There are also applications available for observers who may wished to attend. This is the annual Rotary event held at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, specifically for high school juniors or seniors. If members have qualified students in their households, make plans to have them attend this premier seminar. Stay tuned for more details.


ClarkeMrWonderfulThought for the Day

The Thought for the Day was pronounced by “Mr. Wonderful,” who thrilled the Cub’s female members with all kinds of phrases that women like to hear. Mr. Wonderful accompanied Dick Clarke to the meeting.