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VOL 16, NO 06
AUG 4, 2003

Adaptation by
Andrew Face &
Jay Powers

Comin’ to ya, at the parking lot
Raffle tickets, I got a whole lot
So if you want, to win this car
Buy some baby, and you’ll go far

I'm a sold man, I'm a sold man
I'm a sold man, I'm a sold man

Sold what I sold, the hard way
And I'm makin’ more sales, each and every day
So honey now, don't you fret
Cause you ain't seen, nothing yet

I'm a sold man, I'm a sold man (Play it Andy!)
I'm a sold man, I'm a sold man

I was brought up, on a side street
I learned how to sell, so I could eat
I was educated, from good stock
When I start sellin' I just can't stop

I'm a sold man, I'm a sold man
I'm a sold man, I'm a sold man

Well grab your cash, and I'll pull you in
Give you hope, to hold the winning ticket
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I'm a sold man, You're a sold man
I'm a sold man, You're a sold man

I'm a sold man,
You're a sold man

Raffle 2003 – They’re Off!

Top seller Mary Bell

The morning program was turned over to MC John Martinka, who declared the “Official Start of the BBRC Raffle!” Last year’s top performer Mary Bell ($5,000 in sales!) and Past President Howard Johnson – in charge of site sales – talked about the 2003 goals and how to achieve them. HoJo said the site sale list is now on the website. Just mouse over “Raffle 2003.” Remember, it’s first-come, first-served, so get your choice spots today! Howard also suggested that the sale teams should make it point to cover all doors into and out of the site. “Size up your potential customers. Make eye contact. Show them the car, show how their support helps Rotary and the community. Each ticket has a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for pizza from Godfather Pizza.”

Mary, who single-handedly amassed an all-time, individual sales record last year, spoke from experience by saying, “We all know a lot of different people who’d probably buy a book of tickets if we just asked. Our personal vendors, our dentist, attorney, CPA, financial advisor – people who’d be glad to participate. We’ve got several sample letters to help you create your raffle letter. Don’t forget the list of agencies we serve  – one of them is bound to be a favorite of your potential raffle purchaser.”

All at once, the measured, instructional atmosphere was shattered by the pulsating rhythms of “Sold Man,” with apologies to the original artist. Two Men in Black, looking suspiciously like Norm Johnson and Jim Zidar – the two high bigwigs in the Raffle push – began their toe-tapping rendition of “Sold Man,” a tune that was just recorded this week. A perfect Blues Brothers shtick if there ever was one!

Comin’ to ya: Elwood Johnson & Jake Zidar

These two characters tap-danced their way through the routine and needed a puff of oxygen at the end. Their message was that this Rotary Club is “on to something with this raffle raising big money for community projects.” They surmised that the group could raise even more if they formed bands and covered the community … ”if we had fourteen bands …”

Martinka came back on the scene to challenge the membership to organize for the coming Raffle. Members were seated at numbered tables and they soon found that they were part of teams of 7 or 8 Rotarians. They were asked to indicate the level of their sales commitment and help select the name of their band. After a 15-minute strategy session, the band names you’ll be hearing for the next 13-weeks include: Court-Appointed Lingenband; Terry and the Pearheads; Rambling Rafflers; The Beatles; The Cars; 78 RPM-ers; Sharon & the Moon Dogs; The Trouser Cleavage (?); Moody Blues; Jay and the Rotarians; Newbie Brothers; Loose Change; The Sopranos; and Crowded House. Now, there are 14 new reasons for being thankful the Raffle will eventually end!

This year’s Raffle operation is entitled “Battle of the Bands,” as each team works to reach their goal. Band leaders for each team include Mary Bell, Phil Salvatori, Andrew Face, Jenny Andrews, Jay Powers, Jim Young, and Brian Heimbigner – all working under Producer John DeWater.

The Steve Lingenbrink Production unit includes bands led by Sharon Edberg, Peter Powell, John Martinka, Wayne McCaulley, Rourke O’Brien, Sayoko Powell, and Terry Peterson.

This year for the first time, a team made up entirely of new members will be led by Jenny Andrews, with the baton, and Don Deasy on the Flugelhorn.


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