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VOL 16, NO 06
AUG 4, 2003

Raffle 2003 – They’re Off!

Johnson, Bell
Howard Johnson & Mary Bell

The morning program was turned over to MC John Martinka, who declared the “Official Start of the BBRC Raffle!” Last year’s top performer Mary Bell ($5,000 in sales!) and Past President Howard Johnson – in charge of site sales – talked about the 2003 goals and how to achieve them. HoJo said the site sale list is now on the website. Just mouse over “Raffle 2003.” Remember, it’s first-come, first-served, so get your choice spots today! Howard also suggested that the sale teams should make it point to cover all doors into and out of the site. “Size up your potential customers. Make eye contact. Show them the car, show how their support helps Rotary and the community. Each ticket has a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for pizza from Godfather Pizza.”

Mary, who single-handedly amassed an all-time, individual sales record last year, spoke from experience by saying, “We all know a lot of different people who’d probably buy a book of tickets if we just asked. Our personal vendors, our dentist, attorney, CPA, financial advisor – people who’d be glad to participate. We’ve got several sample letters to help you create your raffle letter. Don’t forget the list of agencies we serve  – one of them is bound to be a favorite of your potential raffle purchaser.” READ MORE

Landmine Action Program

This coming Thursday, Nigel Robinson, Vice-President of Halo Trust, USA, an organization that is at the forefront of removing landmines and helping those disabled by landmines, will appear at a meeting in Seattle at 1607 13th Avenue (corner of Pike and 13th on Capitol Hill) at 4:30 p.m., and later at the Bellevue Place Conference Center at 7:30 p.m. These two meetings will hear discussion on plans for District 5030’s participation in a unique multi-club Cambodian community development project for 2003-2004. Sally Mackle coordinates this meeting. Contact her at

Ethics Forum

Greg Gourley, frequent visitor and Lynnwood Rotarian, stopped by to promote “Watergate, Enron and Coach Neuheisel: Is there a moral compass for public officials and business leaders?” The public forum will take place next Wednesday, August 13, at the Cedar Park Church, at 16300 112th Avenue NE, in Bothell, just off I-405 at the 160th Exit. Admission is $10 per person and is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lynnwood and the Institute for Business Technology and Ethics.

The impressive list of panel participants includes former Seattle Mayor Charles Royer as moderator; with panel members Egil “Bud” Krogh, former Nixon White House attorney and co-chairman of the White House “Plumber’s Unit;” Lynn Brewer, former Enron executive and author of “House of Cards – Confessions of an Enron Executive;” Laura J. Rittenhouse, President of Beyond Communications, Inc., and author of “Do Business with People You Can Trust-Balancing Profits With Principles;” Margaret Larson, Vice-President for Communications for Mercy Corps and former KIRO and KING TV news anchor; Rosemary Aragon, Past District Governor of Rotary District 5030; and John Carlson, KVI Radio talk show host and founder of the Washington Policy Center.

For more information email Greg Gourley,, or call 425-822-2523.

Rotary Day at the Mariners Game!

The annual Rotary Day at the Mariners has been set for Saturday, August 16, against the Boston Red Sox. The first pitch is at 1:05 p.m. A lunch prior to the game will take place in the new Ellis Pavilion at Safeco Field.

There are 450 tickets available for this game. Each District 5030 Club will handle their own Club's ticket orders and fund collection. Seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. The ticket cost is $50 which includes the game, buffet lunch, and a $10 contribution to the Rotary Foundation. This event has sold out each of the last two years.

President Evison is the person to contact, as he has the latest details from the District.

Thought for the Week

That what we’ve done for ourselves goes with us. That what we’ve done for others lives on forever.


Lenda A Hand

Steve McGraw visits the BBRC with news about the Starlight Children’s Foundation. He’ll explain what the Foundation does and give an overview of the children and families it serves. Bring a guest, a potential member, to the Glendale Country Club this Friday morning, August 8, for a delicious buffet breakfast. It all begins at 7:00 a.m, with the weekly club meeting at 7:30 and program at 8:00.

* * * * *

All is forgiven when a new Rotary year begins, at least as far as attendance is concerned. We’ve just completed the first month of the 2003-2004 Rotary year and, as usual, our attendance suffers. Let’s keep up our efforts to maintain high attendance. It’s one of the cornerstone’s of a good Rotary Club. We finished this past year with a record-breaking 86% attendance for the year, a remarkable achievement. Part of our success came from giving credit (long overdue) to members who make extraordinary efforts to attend special meetings that bring excellent results to our club.

Just remember, our website has a handy-dandy Make-Up, Mouse over the link in the menu that says Online Forms, then select “Meeting Make-up Form.” Fill out the form, moving between fields with your tab key, then click submit, and you’re done! Thanks for making attendance an important part of your membership! Attend all the regular weekly meetings you can, because that’s where you learn the most about Rotary and get entertained by a super-charged Programs Committee. They work hard for you, so don’t disappoint yourself by missing these great meetings!

"Quit worrying about your health. It'll go away." – Robert Orben


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