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VOL 16, NO 04
JUL 21, 2003

Bill Morton
Bill Morton

The Subject is Literacy

Bill Morton, a Lynnwood Rotarian since 1985 and an education consultant, brought the subject of combating illiteracy to the BBRC Friday. This is one of the four special task forces formed by RI President Jonathan Majiyagbe – the Literacy and Education Task Force. The Rotary Clubs of Lynnwood, Edmonds and Mountlake Terrace have partnered in developing a Literacy Center in South Africa. Other District 5030 clubs joined in the partnership through a matching grant process included Auburn, Renton, SeaTac and Seattle #4. A total of $22,000 made up the grant, which included RI’s share.

Morton, of the Lynnwood Rotary Club, and JoAnn Stevens ,of the Rotary Club of Mountlake Terrace, helped to establish the Helderberg Literacy Center in the city of Strand, South Africa. The couple served as Rotary International Volunteers from February 24 through April 7 this year. Their trip took them to over 15 schools in the Khayalitsha township, which houses more than 30,000 people in shanty towns. The income is low and illiteracy extremely high. Class sizes in schools invariably contain more than 45 children. JoAnn and Bill contributed by conducting workshops for teachers about effective teaching procedures, classroom management, use of volunteer helpers in the classroom and using cooperative learning techniques. READ MORE

Rotarian of the Month: Mark Esteb

The July Rotarian-of-the-Month award went to 4-year member Mark Esteb. “Mark has shown a lot of initiative while chairing the Club’s participation in the Choices Program. We salute him for his dedication to making this program flourish,” said President Evison.

A Rotary Minute

John DeWater

John DeWater, Past President and current Assistant Governor for District 5030, inaugurated the weekly “Rotary Minute,” a feature emphasized by RI President Jonathan B. Majiyagbe and District Governor John Jacob Gardiner. DeWater’s topic was “International Service, the Fourth Avenue of Service.” The Minute explored how International Service brings together people from all over the world with programs that promote personal contact. “International Service transforms lives to a hungry and broken world.”

Rotary Day at the Mariners Game!

The annual Rotary Day at the Mariners has been set for Saturday, August 16, against the Boston Red Sox. The first pitch is at 1:05 p.m. A lunch prior to the game will take place in the new Ellis Pavilion at Safeco Field.

There are 450 tickets available for this game. Each District 5030 Club will handle their own Club's ticket orders and fund collection. Seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. The ticket cost is $50 which includes the game, buffet lunch, and a $10 contribution to the Rotary Foundation. This event has sold out each of the last two years.

President Evison is the person to contact, as he has the latest details from the District.

Thought for the Week

Illiteracy has its advantages. You can never be misinformed through reading.


Lenda A Hand

The History of Bartell Drugs, with George D. Bartell, Chairman and CEO of this retail institution in the Puget Sound Region. Mr. Bartell is only the firm’s third president since its founding 113 years ago. A great meeting to invite a friend or guest. Buffet Breakfast is served at 7:00 a.m., meeting at 7:30, and program at 8:00. Join us at the Glendale Country Club for Rotary at its best!

* * * *

The Club is doing a great job bringing prospective members to the BBRC. The Blue Card is the vehicle that starts the membership process. Blue cards are available at the Cashier’s Desk. As you fill out the card, be sure you fill out every blank, especially the “Sponsor’s Name.” Then, seek out either Jenny Andrews or Rourke O’Brien and HAND THEM THE CARD IN PERSON. This keeps the system well-oiled and working on behalf of the prospect and the sponsor. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE THE BLUE CARD AT THE CASHIER’S DESK. If neither Andrews or O’Brien are in attendance, make sure the Club Administrator gets the card. Thanks.

"It's one thing to say we're the best Rotary Club in the world; it's another thing when others say it.” – Steve Goldfarb


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