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Vol 14, No 19      November 12, 2001





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Dominic Dobson
Dominic Dobson

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Auto Racing
Dominic Dobson
, owner of Dobson Motorsports and a resume a mile long for action on the race track, was the BBRC guest speaker Friday. He brought some examples of the suits and other equipment race drivers wear for protection.

He is president of Cavallino Holdings, the company that owns a stable of vintage cars. Dominic participated in seven consecutive Indy 500 races, as well as racing at Daytona and LeMans. He now serves on the board of Rourke O’Brien’s Indy Racing Indoor Karting. MORE

Thanksgiving Giving Baskets Project Needs Help!
The Annual BBRC Giving Baskets project to support Eastside families is still in need of support from BBRC members! MORE

Raffle Update
The Accounting Forces are continuing to wrap up the details of the 2001 Raffle. Should be a report later this week. After this Tuesday’s (November 13) Ticket-Tearing Party, the stubs will be ready for placing in the big drum and the selection of the winners made on Thursday (November 15), at 1:30 p.m., at Donn Roberts office, 2021 152nd Ave N.E., Redmond. The announcement of the winners will take place during the program on the Royal Argosy Cruise ship, Friday night, out in the middle of Puget Sound! If you have not yet RSVP’d for the dinner, do it now! RSVP HERE!

The Presidential Minute
President Goldfarb told of a meeting of local Eastside Rotary Clubs held recently. Topics on the agenda included club fundraising and scheduling events. “My take on the meeting is that the BBRC is a remarkably unique club. Clubs in attendance at the meeting had membership of 25 to 180 and raised anywhere from $16,000 to $200,000 to fund their activities. What was really evident was the answer to the question: ‘What do you do for community projects?’ Most clubs did not have hands-on projects. Conversely, the BBRC is involved and excited about serving our community.”

Giving Tree Takes Root
Christmas Tree
Phil Salvatori announced and displayed the Annual Giving Tree, which was adorned with 115 ornaments, representing 115 gifts. Forty of the gifts will be wrapped and sent to the Lake Heights YMCA, and 75 unwrapped gifts will be made available to Hopelink. The gifts should be returned by Friday, December 7, and no later than December 14. When you take an ornament you must note which ornament you’re taking. There is a master list accompanying the tree. The tree will make the trip on the Royal Argosy Cruise Friday evening.

Seattle’s Big Celebration
Seattle’s Sesquicentennial Luncheon beckons members who have an interest in doings downtown. “Commemorating 150 Years of Progress” is the title of the luncheon, set for Wednesday, November 14, at 12:00 noon, at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, 800 Convention Place, Sixth floor Ballroom 6E. For more details, see the article in the November 5, 2001, issue of Reveille.

Royal Argosy
The BBRC Anniversary Dinner, a celebration of 16 years of service to our community, takes place Friday evening aboard the Royal Argosy Cruise Ship in the waters of Puget Sound. Boarding begins at 6:00 p.m., Pier 56, with sailing set for 6:30. Dinner and program follow, with the ship returning to Pier 56 at 9:30. Cost is $35.00 per person, with dress semi-formal. Contact Nancy Isely-Fletcher for more information. THERE IS NO REGULAR FRIDAY MORNING MEETING AT GLENDALE.

Things are looking up. Car is back in operation. Computer works okay. Wife is feeling better. Dog is behaving. Looking forward to Friday’s Anniversary Dinner. For the few who have not paid their dues, the clock is ticking! Have a great cruise, for those who are attending, and remember, there is NO MEETING NEXT WEEK, November 23, 2001. That’s the Friday after the Thanksgiving Holiday. Have a wonderful time with your family.

ONE BIG NOTE: Our Thanksgiving Basket Project needs more support from members who haven’t yet contributed. Take your food donations to Eastside Adult Day Services at 12831 N.E. 21st Place by this Friday. Checks can also be given to Shelley Noble at the Anniversary Dinner. Thanks!

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