Vol. 14, No. 11, September 17, 2001

 Raffle Update

Terry Peterson
Terry Peterson bringing in the dough, one way or another.

Bob McKorkle and Terry Peterson are Sales Managers, and their job is to get the money in early. “We’re gonna set a new record. We’re gonna have 100% participation by the sixth week of the Raffle,” hyperventilated McKorkle. Don’t look too closely, but the sixth week of the Raffle was last Friday, so Bob started a Roll Call.

  • How much have sales managers sold? McKorkle put in $10, as did Peterson.
  • Team Captains, please put in $4.00 each, and mark the sheet to reflect your “gift.”
  • Those who have sold tickets On-Site, but are not yet on the board, put up $4.00.
  • Wake up charter member at your table.
  • Charter members not on the chart, put in $2.00.
  • Board members, put in $2.00
  • The rest of you, put in $2.00. Should be 100%!

Margie Burnett’s report showed a total of $122 collected and $100 assigned to somebody. Getting closer to 100%! Margie also announced that they want no cash turn in. Convert to checks, made out to the BBRC Foundation. This helps accounting. Lots of folks are involved in this process and Margie thanked them all. Remember to sell your tickets sequentially and keep them in the order in which you received. Jim Young was looking over his shoulder as Friday’s Spell Check.

On-Site Selling!

Monger, Waltar, Lorrain
Chris Monger and Steve Waltar sunning themselves, while Vince Lorrain sells raffle tickets in the background. Rich Bear is noncommittal, relaxing on this year's Beetle.

Vince Lorrain
Vince Lorrain with a happy customer at the QFC this past Saturday.