Vol. 14, No. 11, September 17, 2001

 Friday Potpourri

Bob McKorkle
Acting President Bob McKorkle

Bob McKorkle, acting President and doing a pretty good job of acting, formally opened the meeting. Some members greeted the visiting crow, who had dropped in sometime during the night and couldn’t get back to his putting green buddies. When table #1 figured out the crow was directly overhead, they moved! The crow was still in the building when the meeting concluded. We did not find out of which Rotary Club he was a member.

Peter Stadelman gave the invocation and led the pledge. Tony Banks greeted one visiting Rotarian and additional guests. Mary Truesdell was cashier. Everything balanced.

Banks, Stadelman
Greeters Tony Banks [L] and Peter Stadelman.

World Community Service Committee meeting next week … Mike Hyodo needs new members.

Jim Young reported that the Foundation Committee meets the five Mondays in October at 7:30 a.m. in Rick Klobucher’s office in Bellevue Place.

It will be the BBRC’s turn serving at the Seattle Homeless Youth Center at Sand Point on Saturday, Sept 22nd. Serving is from 4:30-7:30 p.m. Susan Harrison is chairing this activity and has picked up several volunteers. This is a great project to see for yourself what this program is doing to help the homeless kids of Seattle. Contact Susan if you want to participate.

Friday visitor at the BBRC.

Sergant At Arms Jay Powers was concerned when the crowd didn’t boo him. “Remember, I’ve got to have respect!” The markets were closed, so there would be no fines today. After a few light jokes, Powers gave the microphone back to McKorkle, who ranted that current-day Sergeants At Arms only pick about five different people. “Bob McNulty continues to set new records for fines and number of times fined,” says McKorkle. “Whatever happened to the crafty tricks the Sergeant would play on the entire club?” McKorkle hasn’t been allowed near the lectern for awhile and it shows.