Vol. 14, No. 11, September 17, 2001

 Fraudulent Use of Debit Card

Dale Hemphill rose to tell the BBRC that he and Hellen had been hit with a whopping bill for $14,000, racked up by a debit card the Hemphills have never used. The crime was committed from August 21 until the first week in September. U.S Bank’s Fraud Department said the money would be returned to their account. They were told that a lot of accounts have been hit by hackers “who have learned of an internet process of producing and using debit cards.”

Reveille contacted by Terry Peterson, Club Secretary and Vice President of Charter Bank. His response was: "Unfortunately, credit, debit, and check fraud is a long standing form of theft that precedes the era of the internet. The information ‘stolen’ that allows this form of fraud to propagate is relatively easy for sophisticated bad guys to obtain from many ‘NON-bank’ sources. I would suggest that this information was not received via ’hacking’ into the Bank.”

Reveille would note that this certainly sets up a future program on Fraud, particularly as it affects individuals and businesses. We are relieved to learn that the Hemphills suffered no long-term financial damage, although the shock of seeing a bill that large would probably mean hospitalization (Speaking for myself!). I hope the Program Committee can ferret out a program on this topic and let us learn what’s going on.