Vol. 14, No. 3, July 23, 2001

 The Success Of The BBRC Golf Outing


Chris Swanson

Chris Swanson

Marcia Bauman


Andrew Face

MEN [20”]:
Andrew Face

Chris Kimbrough

Joe Deasy
Joe Deasy


    1st PLACE TEAM
    17 under
    Doug Engberg
    Mitch Lomax
    Jeff Taylor
    Scott Hannah

    2nd PLACE TEAM
    Ted Ederer
    Bob Ederer
    Rick Schmidt
    Tom Wolthausen

    3rd PLACE TEAM
    Rick McManus
    Mac McManus
    Tom Garth
    Ian Rooney

Winning Teams
Three winning teams.
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    Lorraine Gunderson
    Bonnie Gray
    Nancy Pellegrino
    Andree Chicha

[L to R]: Nancy Pellegrino, Lorraine Gunderson, Bonnie Gray
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Scene from the links at Mt. Si Golf Course

One hundred forty golfers and a solid group of viewers put another successful BBRC Golf Outing into the record books on Friday, July 13, at the Mt. Si Golf Course in Snoqualmie. A cool morning and a cloud cover until early afternoon followed the duffers around the beautiful course beneath towering Mt. Si.

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Out for a good time [L to R]: John Johnson, Wally Mahoney, Dick Swanson, Chris Swanson
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As Alan Pratt was heard to say about seven minutes before the horn sounded for the shotgun start: “This is the best I’ll be all day – even par!” There was a ray of sunshine somewhere on the course at some time during the Outing, or at least that’s what Dick Brown said.

Servers Alicia & Caitlin

Alicia and Caitlin, our red-headed servers, worked hard to get the picnic spot ready for the famous Adair Burgers, created by hostess Adair. The Attendance record showed 60 members putting in an appearance during the Outing.

Following the barbecue, presentations were made, with all winning team members receiving classy trophies.

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Winners [L to R]: Robin Callan, Donn Roberts, Dave Tschetter, Dick Tschetter
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In the Rotary Division, pitting teams from Bellevue Breakfast, Bellevue Noon, Bellevue Sunrise, and Southcenter Rotary, the traveling trophy returned safely to the host, BBRC, thanks to the efforts of Dick Tschetter, Dave Tschetter, Donn Roberts, and Robin Callan. They scored a sizzling 13 under for the win!

Tim Moriarty
Tim Moriarty

The BBRC is indebted to the Golf Outing Committee for their fine work on behalf of Rotary. Led by Tim Moriarty, the committee consists of Paul Martin, Rick McManus, Bill Scott, Bruce Walker, Ted Ederer, Mark Esteb, Margie Burnett, and Robin Callan. As the folks at Mt. Si say, the BBRC Golf Outing is the “best run event of its kind all year long. No one does it better!” Let s hear it for the Golf Outing Committee!