Vol 14, No 3     July 23, 2001


John Mix

Jim Kindsvater
Wally Mahoney



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Ralph Allen
Friday’s speaker, Ralph Allen

The Art Of China’s Children
Ralph Allen,
a native Eastsider, is an architect. His work has taken him around the world and, most recently, to the city of Shanghai, China, where he was the lead architect building the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center. “Project Hope was involved to get the project moving and our company was hired eight years ago to design and oversee the building of the Medical Center. The job was finished and dedicated in June of 1998.”

The Shanghai Children’s Medical Center is a pediatric teaching facility. The Chinese had raised funds to purchase $40 million in medical equipment and they needed a place to put it. Hence, the building of the Medical Center. MORE

The Success Of The BBRC Golf Outing

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One hundred forty golfers and a solid group of viewers put another successful BBRC Golf Outing into the record books on Friday, July 13, at the Mt. Si Golf Course in Snoqualmie. A cool morning and a cloud cover until early afternoon followed the duffers around the beautiful course beneath towering Mt. Si. MORE

Rotary’s Leadership Academy
In an attempt to further spread the gospel of Rotary, Dick Clarke established the District Leadership Academy a year ago and reports that “classes” will begin for the new semester in September. “This is a 10-lesson correspondence course, which digs into what Rotary is all about. It’s an invaluable tool for all Rotarians and particularly those who are in leadership within their clubs. This past year, 20 Rotarians became part of the first graduating class, and I urge all of you to consider enrolling in this special course.” The cost is $75.00. Click here for a registration form.

The BBRC is saddened to learn of the passing of John Smolke’s mother on July 9, 2001. Our deepest sympathy to John and his family.

This Week
This week’s meeting is the official kick-off of the annual BBRC Raffle. You’ll get your packets, tickets, promotional material, and sample letters. Get a jump start on the season’s biggest raffle. Find out all about it this Friday at the Glendale Country Club, 7:00 a.m. President-Elect Kim Shrader and Raffle Chairperson Howard Johnson are in charge.

Raffle News
As noted above the BBRC Raffle officially kicks off this Friday. Members will sit at their respective team tables. If you don’t know your team, just look at your badge for a number. That’s your team. Sit with them, become acquainted, and have fun!

Wayne McCaulley is chairing the Raffle Packet Preparations Committee. He needs five hard-working Rotarians to meet at his office at 5:00 p.m., Wednesday afternoon, to fill envelopes with the necessary material for conducting the raffle. Wayne’s office is at 10900 N.E. 8th, #613, the Bank of California Building, Bellevue.

QHave you heard the one about the Agnostic, the Dyslexic, and the Insomniac?
AThey lie awake every night wondering if there really is a dog.

Meanwhile, everything is returning to normal after a goofy three weeks battling the computer. Actually, the battle is with the owner of the computer, who may ignore certain signs and conventions designed for proper maintenance and operation. Learning once again to save your data and in this day-and-age, subscribe to a system that allows a daily scan of programs/data to avoid a dreaded virus. Thus, you should receive your quarterly billing this week. A rapid turnaround to the Treasurer would be appreciated.