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Vol. 13, No. 38, April 9, 2001

 Friday Potpourri

Kelly Dykstra delivered the invocation and led the pledge to the flag. Jim Zidar welcomed four visiting Rotarians and several guests of Rotarians.

Rourke O'Brien
Rourke O’Brien doing damage.

Sergeant At Arms Rourke O’Brien fined Doug Engberg $2.00 for losing his ball in the cup at the Retreat Golf Outing; and Kemper Freeman, on loan from the Bellevue Downtown Club, for the spread in the paper about his new Lodge addition to Bellevue Square. Rourke said he could see the Rotary pin on Kemper’s suit, so reduced the fine from $5.00 to $3.00!

Madeline Gauthier showed a video on how Treehouse provides support for foster kids. The program makes kids feel good about themselves and raises their hopes, while Treehouse provides funds to make clothing and luggage available. It’s one of the programs supported by the BBRC.

Donn Roberts
Donn Roberts: Raffle Talk

Donn Roberts, head honcho of the Corporate Raffle Committee, asked that members help to identify corporate sponsors who are candidates for contact for the upcoming Golf Outing and Raffle activities. More news later.

Tom Smith called a meeting of Youth Services Committee immediately following this Friday’s meeting (April 13).

Steve Luplow reported that a house-painting project is planned for either May 5 or May 12. Date and details soon.

Don’t forget Rotary First Harvest this coming Saturday at Pier 91 in Seattle. Earl Falk says, “We need all the help we can get. Bring your kids, 13 and older, and pitch in to help this great Rotary endeavor.”

Steve Goldfarb thanked everyone for his or her participation in the Retreat. “We learned several new things about ourselves and focused on some important new directions in the coming year. Thanks for your efforts!


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