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Vol. 13, No. 38, April 9, 2001

 BBRC Relocates – The Beat Goes On

Brian Heimbigner jumped into the controversy regarding the relocation of the BBRC. So far, there has been more space given in the Reveille on this subject than on Boeing’s re-location. To refresh your memories, the BBRC Board, as an April Fool’s prank, resolved to relocate the Club to Bellevue, Idaho. Don Deasy complained that Quincy wasn’t considered.

Now, Brian says:

    Regarding relo of BBRC, please don't forget: Bellevues in IA, NE, OH, besides TX, and also derivations: Belle in MO, WV (she really started this whole name thing); Bella Vista in Argentina, Paraguay, and Peru; Bellfontaine in OH (you can see the water in the "fontaine" from the "vue"); Belleville in ONT, France, IL, KS (from the "ville" you can have a good "vue"); Belmonte in Portugal, Brazil, NC, NY (the "vue" is much better from the "monte"); Belle Fourche in SD (the French are always trying to make a simple word sound fancy-pancy); Bilokoroviychi, Russia (yes, this does actually translate to Bellevue)

    I think BBRC members should get credit for attendance at all meetings when they connect by webcast from any city in the world starting with the letters "B-e-l."

    I also support Don's recommendation for Quincy, as it literally translates to "Bellevue was once small, and we will grow, too." With the Moses Lake International airport only 16 miles away, we could easily receive visiting Rotarians from all over the world. I can request the former Moses Lake graduate, Rick Klobucher (one of the top 100 attorney's in America), to file the petition for Quincy to be the new BBRC headquarters. Don actually undersells Quincy. Besides spuds, they are also internationally known for peas and carrots.

[Editor notes that Klobucher is a member of the Board that originally passed the resolution. But, as far as Heimbigner goes, it’s hard to beat a guy who does a worldwide net search on “Bellevue.” Now, “Eat your peas and carrots!]


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