Vol. 13, No. 17, October 23, 2000

 To Tell The Truth With the Sergeant At Arms

Alex Rule
To Tell The Truth with Alex Rule.

Alex Rule was the mystery contestant playing the “To Tell the Truth” game. Alex’s task was to list five things in his life, four of which were true. The task for the audience was to determine which item was false.

Alex, mindful of his reputation for long-winded dissertations, dove right into his list:

  1. I once gave a classification talk that went too long.
  2. I was kicked out of my college housing for barking at passing coeds.
  3. I was captain of my college basketball team, scoring 42 points in one game.
  4. I broke my arm in 22 places while on a hike in the Alpine wilderness.
  5. My Rotary Mom is my future mother-in-law.

Turns out that Number 2 was correct. He wasn’t kicked out, but he was barking at coeds. [Or was it the other way around?] Each member of the audience whose table couldn’t come up with the correct answer put a dollar out for the Sergeant At Arms.

Margie Burnett was seen on TV touting the Mariners in their quest for the ACLS – fined $2.00 for overacting.

Ted Szatrowski got lots of press for his participation in SCORE, a group of retired executives who gives advice to new business start-ups. Big article, big fine – $5.00.