Vol. 13, No. 17, October 23, 2000

 Raffle Update

Johnson, Lingenbrink
Normano DeJohnsonio gives Raffle Chairperson Steve Lingenbrink the rules of the game.

With Raffle 2000 reaching the end of its run, sponsors are frantically trying to account for any sales made that aren’t in the book. Raffle Chairperson Steve Lingenbrink went so far as to bring in a mobster from Chicago who explained how you could “vote early and often,” by using Norm Johnson’s label -making service. Then, when you sell millions of tickets in these darkening days, you won’t get writer’s cramp filling out the stubs. Norm can produce multiple labels in just minutes … and many members have volunteered to help stick the labels to each ticket stub. These are the rules of the game, as promulgated by the Washington State Gambling Commission. We play by the rules. Just ask Normano DeJohnsonio … he’s got the violin case!

As for the Raffle campaign itself, there is only one outside selling weekend left: October 28-29. All tickets sold are to be turned in by Friday, November 3.

The latest report from last Friday shows the total number of “votes” to be 62,224. The Tories have collected 23,515 votes, while the Whigs have collected 26,757.

The new rump party, the Darkside, accounts for 11,952 votes. Together, votes translated into dollars means the Club is $11 ,034 behind last year’s record-setting effort. Do your best! Sell those remaining tickets! It means the world to next year’s public service organizations who do wonderful things in our community. They’ll just be able to do more because we’ve worked hard this year.

Thanks from the entire campaign staff of the three parties and the three presidential candidates. But, folks, it ain’t over until pretty little sweet Wendi sings. Bring your wheelbarrows filled with money to the meeting on Friday, November 3.

Stay tuned for next week’s almost final report.