Vol. 13, No. 17, October 23, 2000

 A Word From The President [of Rotary First Harvest]

Despite the robust economy we have enjoyed the past few years, hunger remains a huge problem in our area. It just doesn’t seem possible that people and families struggle to get enough to eat when jobs are so plentiful and prosperity abounds, yet food banks are busier than ever, and people are going hungry.

Rotary First Harvest is working hard to keep up with the increased demand for food. With the Rotary year beginning July 1, RFH is undertaking an aggressive expansion program that we hope will greatly enhance our ability to feed the hungry. New and exciting partnerships are being formed with other agencies and RFH is working statewide to facilitate cooperation between organizations dedicated to feeding the hungry.

The expansion effort has the potential to bring millions of additional pounds of nutritious fruits and vegetables into the food bank supply systems, but it will take a great deal of effort on the part of all clubs to make it happen. All Rotary Clubs in the District need to help, both financially and by coming to “work parties.” To get bigger and do more will cost money – we will need your help and support.

As President of the Board of Directors of Rotary First Harvest I urged every Rotarian in District 5030 to contribute to RFH’s efforts with either your time, your wallet, or both. This is such a great organization!

There are many ways you can help. In addition to your club making a financial contribution to RFH, join with your First Harvest representative Earl Falk the second Saturday of each month for the RFH Work Party at Pier 91. This is an excellent opportunity to bring younger members of your family to teach them the value of public service.

I also urge you to make a personal donation to RFH during our Fall Fund Drive. A tax deductible donation to RFH is a solid investment in the good health and welfare of our community. Another way to help is the purchase of “Tribute Cards” from RFH. These cards can be given as gifts, stating that a donation has been made in the recipient’s name. The cards are beautiful and very professionally done. It’s a perfect way to send greetings at holiday time, while supporting RFH.

Please don’t hesitate to call the RFH office and ask how you can help us make this a banner year in fighting hunger.

Bill Moffat
President, Rotary First Harvest
Ph 1-800-457-4483