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Vol. 13, No. 11, September 11, 2000

 Friday Potpourri

Steve Goldfarb stood in for President Cary Kopczynski and called the meeting to order. Lynne Gauthier provided the invocation, and Doug Cameron introduced visiting Rotarians and guests.

Chandler, Sweeters
Don Chandler with Kyla Sweeters.

Don Chandler introduced Kyla Sweeters, daughter of Megan Sweeters, who thanked the Club for providing her the opportunity for a summer exchange visit to Sweden

Shelley Noble introduced Walt Hoesel, administrator of the Wilderness Awareness School, and Raphael Negron, Jr., a student at the school. Last year, the BBRC sponsored Raphael by paying his tuition for the school. The Wilderness Awareness School is based on naturalist studies seen through Native American eyes, helping to build self-esteem and confidence in these students. This has clearly worked in the case of Raphael, and through the Vocational Service, Community Service, and Youth Service Committees of BBRC, another stipend of $4,000 was given to the Wilderness Awareness School to continue Raphael’s participation.

Rick McManus advised of membership process changes. When new guests are invited to the Club, a blue card should be filled out by the sponsoring member and left at the desk at the meeting. Either Rick or Larry Gill will get back to the sponsoring member for the completion of a membership application..


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