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Vol. 13, No. 9, August 28, 2000

 Listing Of Weekend Sales Sites

The following is a listing of the weekend sales sites and coordinators for 2000. We thank Steve Goldfarb for arranging these sites and will want to do our part to maintain good relations with the store managers and personnel at each of the sites

Sep 2-3

Sep 9-10

Sep 16-17

Sep 23-24

Sep 30-Oct 1

Oct 7-8

Oct 14-15

Oct 21-22

Oct 28-29

Mercer Island QFC North

Redmond QFC

Kirkland QFC

Redmond QFC

Bellevue QFC (no car)

Mercer Island QFCNorth

Crossroads QFC

Mercer Island QFC South

Larry’s Market


Brian Heimbigner

Craig Groshart

Bob McKorkle

Kim Shrader

Mark Hough

Tom Helbling

Len Aspinwall

Dale Hemphill

Tom Helbling

Terry Baker
Earl Falk
Jim Kincaid
Shelley Noble


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