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Vol. 13, No. 9, August 28, 2000

 Raffle Update
 [reported by Margie Burnett]

Click here for a current list of weekend raffle ticket sales sites.

The Tories finally came alive, crawling from near atrophytosis to a respectable beginning. Led by perennial ticket-seller Ted Szatrowski, the Tories banked $2,876 to halve the lead of the despicable Whigs. Ted turned in $800 on Friday to help his State of Nirvana to an early 1,100 vote Tory party lead.

Meanwhile, the Whigs continued their brisk early sales pace, with Steve Goldfarb ($1,100) and Bill Spencer ($1,300) joining with Joseph Brazen ’s big $2,000 hit of a week ago. The Whigs now have $4,694, which, when turned into votes, is a 2-1 edge over the Tories.

This gives the State of Affairs the delegation lead with $2,204. Delegation Chairperson Shelley Noble praised Brazen’s early effort. So far the total number of dollars banked (votes collected) is $7,570.

The Raffle Goal is unstated. Drive Chairman Steve Lingenbrink would only say that “the sky is the limit.”

Sales continue through early November, with the bright Yellow Volkswagen Beetle the top prize. BBRC Members will be striving to out-do last year’s big raffle push when $104,000 was collected.

President Cary Kopczynski said the final tally for the annual Golf Outing was slightly over $40,000, matching last year’s take. Seems the Raffle is off and running for the Year 2000.



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