Friday Feb 12, 2016

"What it will take to make a healthy forest?: The Nature Conservancy's vision for the East Cascades"

John Rose

Board member Washington State Chapter, Nature Conservancy

Introduced by: Bob Holert

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The forests of the East Cascades are very sick, and one symptom is that the forest has too many trees. The Nature Conservancy’s recent acquisition of 48,000 acres in Kittitas County creates an opportunity to change the way the forest is managed, but there are significant challenges to overcome. John will share those challenges and possible solutions during his presentation.


About the Speaker

John Rose is currently a founder and Director of Microsteam Incorporated, an early stage company that has created new reciprocating steam engine technology that will be used to put waste heat and energy to productive use.
John has had a long career in public finance, including serving as President and CEO of Seattle-Northwest Securities where his clients included the City of Yakima. John currently serves as a member of the Legislature’s Expert Review Panel on the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program, more commonly known as Bertha.
John has been on the Board of the Washington chapter of the Nature Conservancy since 2000. In recent years he and his wife have focused their efforts on the health of the Forest of the East Cascades.
John and his wife Patty are lifelong residents of Washington and currently reside in Seattle.