Friday Feb 19, 2016

"Utterly Amazing - A Storybook Journey"

Ben Malcolmson

Special Assistant to head coach Pete Carroll Seattle Seahawks

Introduced by: Rourke O'Brien

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“Utterly Amazing”

As Pete Carrol’s personal assistant for 10 years, Ben helped the BBRC members open their minds this morning.   We need to open our minds to what is going on around us and not assume.

Ben demonstrated how easy it is for us to assume what is happening around us, we THINK we know what is happening and missing so much!

Ben started his sports carrier by covering the women’s volleyball team of USC.    As a Sophomore, he then worked with the USC football team writing stories for the student newspaper.  He wanted to write about how hard it was to be a walk-on.

His job was to write a story on the USC walk on’s for the football team.   Next day after his story was published he was called and asked to join the team.  Here is was not trying to be on the team and WOW, just trying to write an article for the school newspaper he made the team.

Hardest part is the mental side, especially learning the playbook.

Unfortunately Ben dislocated his shoulder after only 1 year of playing.  He was crushed.

A video was showed about how Ben was able to rehabilitate his shoulder to get back to the USC football team and returned back to practice 4 months after his injury.  The school campus heard about Ben’s recovery and the whole school were behind him.

Ben’s mind over matter is an amazing addition for Pete Carrol’.   As Pete’s personal assistant, Ben helps to infuse accomplishments that are beyond reach for most for the Seahawks payers, coaches and even the fans.

Ban handles Pete’s day to day operations, speeches, guest relations and  social media presence.

Ben challenges us to find something that is exciting, uncommon and significant in our lives.   Go outside your comfort zone, open your eyes!




About the Speaker

Ben Malcolmson is entering his seventh season as special assistant to Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. Prior to moving to the Northwest, Ben served in a similar role under Carroll for three years at USC, where he also played one storybook season as a walk-on wide receiver for the Trojan football program. As a reporter for the student newspaper, Ben tried out for the team to write a feature article about walk-ons, and he ended up surprising himself and countless others by making the team! A native of Dallas, Ben now lives in a suburb of Seattle and enjoys spending his free time on one of his biggest passions — mentoring young people through Young Life and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.