Friday Nov 9, 2018

Wendi Fischer

Teacher, Entrepreneur

Using Fat For Fuel and Everything It’s “Crackered” Up To Be

Introduced by: Chris Boland

Most of us burn carbohydrates to fuel our bodies, but there is growing movement, called Keto, that uses fat as fuel instead of carbs. That means cheese is okay, but what do you put it on? Crackers are full of carbs! Learn what Ketosis means, and participate in a focus group to taste-test low carb Wonderful Crackers. Wendi Fischer is looking to start a new business selling crackers (because three teenagers, spreading chess across America, and being Rotary District Membership Chair isn’t enough). Your feedback will help bring Wonderful Crackers to market, and you might find them so delicious you’ll want to take some home!



Club Announcements

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Student of the Month

Congratulations to our Student of the Month - Ryo Karr

By Kaj Pedersen

Ryo Karr our Student of the Month

Ryo Karr was named our student of the month and he attends Eastside Preparatory School.  Ryo has maintained a high GPA and is actively involved with his school’s theater production, as an actor and director of the shows.  He is looking to pursue a career in film and theater industry, where he ultimately hopes to direct his own movies one day.  We wish him tremendous success in the pursuit of his thespian ambitions and look forward to the day, when his name appears in lights or on the big screen!

Executive Committee

Congratulations to BBRC and Forest Ridge Interact for Presidential Citations

By Kaj Pedersen

DG – Alan Merry and PDG – Alex Hopkins enjoying the BBRC program

We had the pleasure of welcoming our current District Governor (Alan Merry) and our Past District Governor (Alex Hopkins) who both came to congratulate BBRC and Forest Ridge Interact on securing the Presidential Citation for Rotary year 2017-18.

Alex Hopkins awarding Presidential Citation to Kaj Pedersen

The Rotary Citation recognizes Rotary clubs that support each of our strategic priorities by completing certain activities. Clubs have the entire Rotary year to achieve the citation’s goals.  This year the membership of both groups were able to successfully come together and achieve the goals of the citation, in what is truly a group effort.  Well done to both groups.

Forest Ridge Interact Club with their Presidential Citation for 2017-18

Furthermore, Forest Ridge Interact, is the first Interact group to secure Presidential Citation in District 5030.  Well done to this wonderful group of young Rotarians, who now number some 100 members.  They will continue to do well, especially as they continue to look for ways that they can make an impact in their community – this year’s focus is on homelessness.  It is great to see their team organize around an issue that is clearly a crisis in our region.