Friday Nov 16, 2018

"The Real Story about America’s Greatest Asset – Our Military and Veteran families"

Mike Schindler

Founder and CEO Operation Military Family Cares

Editor: Bob Holert Introduced by: Alan Pratt

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Mike Schindler was our speaker to celebrate Veteran’s Day and discuss his organization “Operation Military Family Cares”. Mike works tirelessly to support veterans, both in enhancing their family relationships and working with corporations to encourage them to hire veterans and leverage their training and skills. He believes timing has everything to do with everything.

Veterans love their country and are willing to sacrifice and remain committed. Sadly, too many suffer from PTSD, suicide and divorce, usually after they leave the military. This is especially true of Vietnam veterans who were never accepted by the American public like those from World War II. But today they are also finding that PTSD is not just happening to those who were in combat.

Mike joined the Navy after seeing the movie Top Gun at the age of 18. He was excited about the opportunity to know his mission and purpose. After leaving the Navy and working for a few years, he recognized the need and decided to work to bridge the gap between ex-service members and corporate leaders. Leaving the service and gaining acceptance for employment in either the public or private sector has been, and continues to be, a difficult transition for many veterans. Mike knew though that veterans, while in the service, had a mission, purpose and commitment. This he saw was often lacking after they got out but he felt that mindset would make them valuable contributors to corporate America!

To achieve this, Mike decided he needed to “educate” both sides – the veterans needed seminars on relationships which would help them with their families and when employed, while the corporations needed to understand the value veterans bring due to their training and commitment level. This education for both sides is working and veterans are more highly valued in the work force today.

Operation Military Family Cares” is continuing their work on changing the mindset of both veterans and the those in both the public and private sectors. More can be found on their website

Mike believes people who have served are America’s greatest asset. He recommends we should all support families of military members. Please remember to thank our members of the military – Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, National Guard – for their service!

The meeting started with Rick Klobucher doing the innovation and pledge and Steve Goldfarb introducing visiting Rotarians and guests. Tanya Franzen- Garrett introduced the November 2018 Sammamish Student of the Month Ahilla Kassa, who attended with her mother and sister. John Martinka reminded everyone November is Rotary Foundation Month and we are once again looking for 100% participation. Jason Cherney, Community Service Chair, thanked everyone for their contributions to the Turkey Drive for families in need for Thanksgiving.

And Carmela Ramaglia, our beloved Sergeant of Arms, conducted a HuskyCougar sing-off between alumni of both schools to kick-off Apple Cup week. The sing-off ended in a tie with no overtime!


About the Speaker

Mike Schindler, former start-up executive, is considered one of the nation’s leading subject matter experts on leadership development, team dynamics, government relations, and veteran transition issues. Schindler, a U.S. Navy veteran, is the founder and chief executive officer of Operation Military Family Cares and shares inspiring messages that inspire today’s youth and help today’s leaders gain their competitive edge.

With over 20 years experience in both corporate and non-profit industries, Schindler is considered one of the nation's leading subject matter experts in leadership, leadership development, and Veterans transition issues. A U.S. Navy veteran, Mike is the founder and chief executive officer of Operation Military Family Cares. He is a guest writer for several national publications, The Military Wire blog/podcast and the author of two books: "U.S. Veterans in the Workforce: Why the 7% are America’s Greatest Asset" and "Operation Military Family" – which is endorsed by retired General Tommy Franks, former Commander of U.S. Central Command and retired General Peter Chiarelli, former Vice Chief of Staff U.S. Army.