Friday Mar 31, 2017

"Treating Autism through Intervention and Education"

Dr. Stacey Shook

Board Certified Behavior Analyst -Doctoral Northwest Behavorial Associates

Introduced by: Alex Chehab

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Consistent with the fundraiser “All In For Autism” on April 23rd, Alex introduced her boss, Dr. Stacey Shook, director of the Northwest Behavioral Associates.


Dr. Shook explained that when she first began in the industry providing resources for autistic children and children in need, she was shocked at how little the resources were in Seattle for children with special needs.  The applied behavior analysis therapy that has been developed by Behavioral Associates is providing a wealth of services to the parents of special needs children and this program is continuing to grow.  Support includes: In home parent training, Relief of care for short period of time, Workshops that provide education and social family life skills.

One important aspect of the program was the start of early intervention.  Behavioral Associates has tutors that have training and supervision for parents and for the children.

The program has continued to grow abroad, where resources were severely deprived to children with special needs.   The MBA program is located in Jordan, with an MBA program that is currently stationed there.

MBA is funded by grants and fund raisers and minor fees for services from insurance companies such as Medicaid and schools.

A reminder April is Autism Awareness 

About the Speaker

Dr. Shook, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst - Doctoral since 2000, has worked closely with children with autism and their families since 1989. In that time, she has provided direct intervention to children on the autistic spectrum, and training to educators, related service personnel, and families. She has conducted numerous research studies in the field of behavior analysis, many of which have been presented at international behavior analysis conferences.

Dr. Shook obtained a Ph.D. in special education from the University of Washington in 1999. During her four years at the University of Washington, she taught and assisted with numerous Special Education courses, including the assessment of preschool children with special needs, and an in-depth examination of early childhood special education programs for children with autism. In addition to her teaching duties, Dr. Shook served as the Curriculum and Training Coordinator for Project DATA (Developmentally Appropriate Treatment for Autism), a 5-year model demonstration grant authored by Ilene Schwartz, Ph. D., housed at the University of Washington's Experimental Education Unit. Project DATA blends the best practices in the fields of early childhood education, early childhood special education, and applied behavior analysis in the provision of intensive educational services and family support for young children with autism.

Since her arrival in Seattle, WA in 1995, Dr. Shook has coordinated intensive behavioral and educational programs for over 100 children with autism in the area, as well as Oregon, Northern California, Montana, Texas, Vancouver, BC, Jordan, and India. She has worked collaboratively with numerous school districts in the greater Seattle area, providing training to teachers and related service personnel, as well as input and feedback regarding instructional strategies and curriculum adaptation, and behavioral support for children ages 1-16.

Dr. Shook is a full member of the Association for Behavior Analysis, American Psychological Association (including Divisions 25 and 33), and Council for Exceptional Children. Dr. Shook is a certified Microsoft ABA Provider and an authorized ABA provider through TRICARE In addition, Dr. Shook is an Agency Affiliated Counselor in Washington state and a Mental Health Professional under NBA’s DSHS licensure. Dr. Shook is a member of the Washington Association for Behavior Analysis (WABA), and serves as its secretary.