Friday Mar 24, 2017

Jason Hamilton

Color Analyst University of Washington Sports Network

“A New Era of Husky Basketball”

Scribe: Neil Bretvick Introduced by: Bob Holert

Speaker program

Bob Holert introduced our speaker, Jason Hamilton.  Jason was here to talk about Husky Men’s Basketball.  Jason has been a color analyst for Bob Rondeau for years.

Jason gave a nod to the students who spoke today and their leadership demonstration.  He mentioned the difficult season for the Huskies men, and the transition to a new coach, Mike Hopkins.  He mentioned the work Lorenzo Romar made over the past 15 years, and Jason’s current career started about the same time, and he’s covered the games ever since.

UW had one of the best recruiting classes in the country coming in prior to the firing of coach Romar.  Jason and others had expected him to return, given his contract and incoming class.

Jason called Mike Hopkins a tireless worker, who will bring needed energy to the program.  Hopkins retained Will Conroy as an assistant coach, and mentioned the additional hires will be interesting to see.

How will an east coast coach recruit in Washington?  Jason feels he will need to bring in some western assistant coaches to help in the effort.

Any discussion of eliminating the one and done issue?  Not likely, though Jason thinks kids should stay at least 2 years.

NCAA tournament – who will win?  He thinks Kansas will win it.

Kansas has fewer one and done players; Kentucky and Duke are the opposite.  What is the future of this type of program?  Jason doesn’t think it is sustainable versus growing the team.

What type of style will UW expect?  2-3 zone at Syracuse; Mike Hopkins wants to control the tempo of the game.

Should college athletes be paid?  Jason mentioned the value of education received by these athletes.  Scholarships often aren’t sufficient; athletes generally cannot work during school.  He thinks a possible increase in the scholarship payment may be needed.

Coach Romar’s greatest accomplishment?  Being the same person every day, one with great character.  He’s genuine, cares about his student athletes.

What is outlook for women’s team at UW?  Coach Neighbors has done a great job, and the top players have performed better than expected.

Salary pool for assistant coaches – Who is included?  3 assistants; advanced analytics person; strength coach, etc.

Club business

Inspirational thought: Curtis Cummings

Guests: Dan Sullivan

Program-Tanya Franzen-Garrett introduced student of the month – Bresh Merino

Bresh belongs to a poetry slam club.  She works with children with autism since 2014.  She wants to work with kids needing speech therapy in her career.  Slam poetry is performance poetry.  They write and act out their poems.  They often travel to do their performances.

Laura Cosacchi introduced young students involved with the Forest Ridge Interact Club. Four students stood up and discussed the work of their club.  They educate students to have a social awareness.  Faith Chamberlain is the club president.  Franny Anunnobi is the VP in charge of communications.  She explained her role.  Rachel Qiu is the secretary/treasurer; her role is scheduling meetings and further communications.  Matthew Zahler, the club advisor was also introduced.  There are about 40 members committed to service locally and globally, an upcoming project is the all in for autism run.  They provide water for runners and participate in the run.  Teen Feed is another project.  It is a teen shelter.  They are involved in Hearts and Hammers, to help seniors and others with accessibility issues with chores.  They have also participated in Rotary First Harvest.   Matthew spoke about his role and the efforts of their club.  The work of these students is an inspiration to us all!

Laura Cosacchi showed a video in support of the upcoming adoption party.  The video showed scenes from past events, and commentary by BBRC members.

Chuck Barnes spoke about Jim Owen’s recent passing and thank you from Katie, his widow.  She encouraged donations in Jim’s memory to the Rotary Foundation.  Friday April 21 at Glendale there will be a time of remembrance.  Members and spouses will be invited.  Chuck Barnes needs a head count, so please RSVP to him.  A club announcement will be forthcoming.  His obituary should appear Sunday in the Seattle times.

Kaj Pedersen announced details of the run.  Posters are available, please distribute them.

There will be a District function on April 5.  Announcement to be put on the website.

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