Friday Nov 14, 2014

Marla Beck

Founder and President Andelcare

Mom and Dad, we need to talk! – Info you will need for that eldercare conversation

Introduced by: Bob Holert

Have you thought much about what it takes to become an effective advocate for an aging parent or ailing loved-one?

Aging issues don’t come with instruction manuals.  Only when life forces us to shoulder the role of elder advocate, do we begin to comprehend the complexities of transitioning loved-ones into elder care.

“Mom and Dad, we need to talk!” – Info you’ll need for that “eldercare conversation” is the presentation Marla Beck will be making to our group.

Marla Beck is a business leader, educator, and advocate.

In her “Aging with Care” workshops, Marla speaks powerfully on behalf of our aging family members and senior friends.  Marla spells out different stages of aging and untangles the myriad of senior living and elder care options.  Marla will deliver insights into how to become an effective advocate for aging loved-ones.

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