Friday Nov 21, 2014

Know Your WHY!

Bill Prater

CEO, Speaker, Author and Coach Leriot LLC/Business Mastery LLC

Introduced by: Bob Holert

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In this issue: Business consultant and fellow Rotarian Bill Prater gave a quick hitter overview of what he does.   It was fast moving, lively, and laced with examples. Other agenda points were our exchange student, annual turkey drive (not to be confused with membership), student of the month, Partners and Work award, Paul Harris awards, an update on the financial contributions on the Haiti project.


Bob Holert introduced fellow Rotarian Bill Prater. Bill gave a fast paced presentation on the why of it. Why it is important to know how we are hard wired. It is important in forming relationships with both employees and customers. He started with a quote from Mark Twain “The two most important days of your life. The day you were born and the day you found out why”.

Bill said all 7 billion people on the planet are hard wired with one of the 9 “whys”. He emphasized that you have only 1 “why” but may utilize traits of some of the others.

  1. Contribute to a greater cause.  Make a difference
  2. Create relationships based on trust
  3. Making sense out of complex and complicated things.
  4. Find a better way and share it.
  5. Want to do things the right way.
  6. Think differently and challenge the status quo.
  7. Seek mastery and understanding.
  8. Must clarify to create clarity.
  9. To simplify.

The presentation was peppered with examples. Bill claimed to be a number 3 but he did a good demonstration of a number 8. To request a complimentary WHY Discover session: Call: 206.922.4343 or Text: MyWhy to 58885

The produce donation in the speakers name was donated by Katherine De Stephano and Escape Outdoors.

An election is looming

The audacious list of candidates to run the club 2015 -2016 was finally released. With jubilation from those chosen and heartache from those left out, here are the candidates

President                                           Paul Chapman

President Elect                                  Mike Ralph

President Elect Nominee              Kaj Pedersen

Past President                                   Wendi Fisher (this was an especially hard fought race)

Club Administrator                          Kaj Pedersen

New Generations                            Joellen Monson

Membership                                      Girish Bahtia

Public Relations                                Nic Wildeman

Treasurer                                            Jason Cherney

Rotary Foundation                          Megan Sweeters

Community Service                         Morris Kremen

Secretary                                             The competition continues

International Service                      Fred Janssen


Club Business

Laura Cossacci started the meeting with a motivational invocation. Alan Forney introduced the visiting Rotarians and guests.

Paul Chapman was doing a yeoman’s job of collecting for the BBRC turkey drive. BBRC has a goal of taking care of Thanksgiving dinner for 50 families. Ann Norman donated Husky football tickets to the cause. They were to be sold and the money added to the drive. The turkey take total today was not available but the basket was pretty full.

Larry May introduced Christopher Gammill as our student of the month from Eastside Prep. Christopher joined a long list of very bright, community motivated students that we have had. He is very involved in everything aeronautic and hopes to be an airline pilot. He was joined by his parents Kevin and Hillary Gammill, along with Paul Hagen, Director of Student Life.

Jane Keuchle accepted a trophy from the Bellevue Noon Club that BBRC won because of a challenge between the clubs in job placements of the Partners for Work program. Partners for Work places challenged young people in jobs they can handle. Jane was too polite to say by how much we whupped them. However we are now in another challenge that you will be hearing more about.

Ariadna Paraira, our exchange student, made an announcement but the exchange students on the West Coast were planning Western Safari. Ariadna will be selling items indigenous to her home in Catalonia at the meeting December 5th. Bring your wallets and purses and let’s help Ariadna with her Safari.

Dick Brown assisted by Kim Shrader handed out Paul Harris awards. Howard Johnson was awarded a 1 ruby pin, Kevin Jewell a 5 sapphire pin, and Alan Forney a 1 sapphire pin. This is Rotary Foundation month and our goal this year, as in the past, is to have every Rotarian donate every year. EREY. If you haven’t already ponied up, please do so and save the committed some stomach acid.

Steve Roberts gave a quick update on the Haiti water project. This endeavor is costing $182,000. There are seven districts involved. $140,000 is coming from the RI Foundation in the form of matching grants. In what Wendi described as magical math, $42,000 in district donations turns into $182,000. Another reason to support the RI Foundation.

The thought for the day was from Erma Bomback: “In my family, gravy is a beverage”

About the Speaker

Bill Prater is a seasoned business leader, business coach/consultant and sales leader. His work history includes Leriot LLC (Founder), Consolidation Partners (Management Consultant/ Managing Partner)), MAP (Senior Consultant and Board Member), Weatherly Private Capital (CEO) and IBM Corporation (Sales leader). Bill is active in Bellevue Breakfast Rotary, He is a graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in Economics.

You can get a FREE copy of his eBook entitled "Business Mastery: Dominate Your Market here" or buy the full copy of "Business Mastery: Dominate Your Market- How to Quadruple Your Revenue in Four Steps" at $0.99 per copy at Amazon. Click here