Friday Nov 13, 2020

UPDATE: PROGRAM REVISION - "Leading With Questions"

Bob Tiede

Leadership Development Team Cru

Introduced by: Alan Pratt

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Leadership is not as much about knowing the right answers, as it is about asking the right questions.

A leader who “Leads with Questions” will often be 10 times more effective than a leader who only “Leads by Telling.” 

Would you like to learn to “Lead With Questions” in 30 seconds? 

Would you like to know the four questions one consultant uses to make a handsome six figure income?

Would you like to know the three questions one Navy Captain used to change the morale on his ship from worst to first? 

Would you like to increase your leadership effectiveness in 8 seconds? 

This presentation, led by Bob Tiede, will be highly interactive!  True to his brand – Bob will be asking you lots of questions!  This time will be much more an “Experience” than a “Presentation.”  

Bob Tiede’s blog is followed by leaders in over 190 countries.  Bob is the author of three books: 

  • Great Leaders ASK Questions – A Fortune 100 List
  • Now That’s a Great Question

All those joining our meeting will be given free access to downloading all of Bob’s eBooks and audiobooks.

NOTE: Steve Mylett, Bellevue Police Chief, as been rescheduled to December 4th due to his lack of availability this Friday.

Time: The Zoom session will open at 7:00am for members to socialize . The meeting will start a 7:30am sharp, so please connect a few minutes before the meeting so we can all be together for the Inspirational Moment and Pledge.

Note: For security reasons the Zoom link is not posted on our club website. You will receive an email with the Zoom link Thursday. Please contact Club Administrator Kim Dreiblatt ( or text 425-444-7906) if you are unable to find the email containing the link or would like to join us as a guest.


About the Speaker

Bob Tiede (pronounced TEE DEE) has been on the staff of Cru for 49 years and currently serves on both the Global and U.S. Leadership Development Teams. Helping develop the next generation of leaders for Cru is Bob's focus. His role includes recruiting outstanding leaders from business, education, government, military and non-profits to coach Cru Leaders. Bob's blog: is now in its 8th year and is followed by leaders in over 190 countries Bob and his wife Sherry are proud parents of 4 adult children and super proud grandparents of seven incredible grandchildren. They reside in Plano, Texas - a suburb of Dallas.