Friday Nov 6, 2020

"Biking 800 miles on California’s El Camino Real"

Sandy Brown

Guide Book Author and Trekker

Introduced by: Morris Kremen

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Nearly 250 years ago Spanish missionaries established 21 missions among Native Americans along the California coast. The missions gave their names to many of California’s cities – San Francisco, San Diego, and many others. Guidebook author and trekker Sanford “Sandy” Brown will describe how he explored the missions by bike this summer while documenting his 800-mile journey on YouTube.

Time: The Zoom session will open at 7:00am for members to socialize . The meeting will start a 7:30am sharp, so please connect a few minutes before the meeting so we can all be together for the Inspirational Moment and Pledge.

Note: For security reasons the Zoom link is not posted on our club website. You will receive an email with the Zoom link tomorrow, Thursday. Please contact Club Administrator Kim Dreiblatt ( or text 425-444-7906) if you are unable to find the email containing the link or would like to join us as a guest.


About the Speaker

Sanford “Sandy” Brown retired last year after 35 years as a Methodist pastor and took up his hobby full-time as a guidebook author and group travel leader. His guidebooks cover pilgrim trekking routes in Spain, France and Italy. Since 2008 he has walked or biked over 7500 miles on pilgrimage routes in Europe and the US. Sandy has two grown sons and lives with his wife, Theresa, in Edmonds.