Friday Aug 23, 2019

"Civic Education and Bellevue Youth"

Eleanor Vogelsang

Community Relations Manager Close Up Foundation

Introduced by: Bob Holert

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Recent elections have served as a reminder of the importance of voting and civic engagement. Youth voting trends and research studies demonstrate the ongoing challenge of engaging 18-29-year olds in the democratic process. This presentation provides context around the importance of civic education, and the work Close Up Foundation does with youth from across the country to prepare and motivate the next generation of leaders. Come and learn more about the importance of civics and the young people in our local community participating in Close Up’s Washington Program.



About the Speaker

Eleanor is here today representing the Close Up Foundation, a non-profit, non-partisan education organization driven by a mission to inspire and empower youth to be more civically minded. She has served as Close Up’s Community Relations Manager for three years, connecting with individuals and organizations in several communities across the nation – building awareness and raising funds to support low-income youth. Eleanor has worked for non-profit education organizations for over a decade, and also has political and campaign experience. She received her Bachelors from Colorado College and also has a Masters in Legislative Affairs from George Washington University.