Friday Apr 1, 2016

Todd Ostrander

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“Changing the Way the World Experiences Audio”

Introduced by: Rourke O'Brien

The Audio Industry is approximately $30 Billion annually.  From consumer products to automobiles to concerts and churches, to fuel pumps.  Virtually every waking hour of every day, we as human’s interact with sound reproduced electronically through some means.  For the past 90 years, we’ve been listening to speakers using “cone-based” technology designed to direct sound in a “pistonic” motion.  These speakers have inherent problems that cause problems for us as listeners that include distortion, echo, beaming, feedback etc.

Tectonic owns patented technology that disrupts the traditional cone-based technology in the same way that LCD and Plasma technology disrupted the market for CRT-based video screens in the early 2000’s.  By resonating a panel the way a guitar body resonates when a guitar string is plucked, our speakers produce sound in the most natural method possible.  Fewer speakers are required to provide higher quality sound in a larger space using less energy in a smaller package.  Now that’s green!

Tectonic currently sells it’s speakers to companies including but not limited to Bentley Automobiles, Peugeot / Citroen, Parrot, BB Kings Restaurants, Hyatt Hotels, W Hotel, Seattle City Council, Dresser Wayne, Alpine, Armour, Geneva Labs, Revo and others yet to be announced.

The team at Tectonic brings over 150 years of Audio Industry experience from companies including Harman (JBL), Mackie, Audio Control, M-Audio, Alpine and others and believes that we are stewards of an opportunity to change the way the world experiences audio using less energy while being much more pleasant on the ears.  Audio designed to be heard the way nature intended.

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Mentoring at Bellevue High School

Seeking Experienced Business Professionals with an Opinion!

Community / Work Project  •   Organized by DECA

We have a unique opportunity to help mentor Sammamish HS and Bellevue HS students before they go on to compete at the National competition.  Sign up right here, or contact Paul Osborn

April 12th, 2:45 pm – about 4:15 pm

New Generations: Youth Services Committee

Young Leaders Summit at International Conference in Seoul

Thank you Bellevue Breakfast Rotarians for allowing us to come and speak to you last month about May’s Young Professional’s Summit at the Rotary International Convention in Seoul. As you may remember from our talk, Rotary received an anonymous $1 million grant 2 years ago to help revolutionize Rotary and focus on engaging and retaining younger members. Previous, smaller summits, and this major international one have focused on bringing together young Rotarian (under 40) and Rotaract (under 30) leaders to help determine the direction of Rotary in the upcoming years.

District Governor Terry has pledged to send 10 young professionals from 5030 to Korea’s event, and we are fundraising to help cover out-of-pocket costs for these young attendees. The International Convention is a fantastic opportunity to hook these young leaders on Rotary; the last Rotaractor the district sent came home to start a new Rotaract Club, host a regional Rotaract Conference, and join the inaugural board of MDIO Big West Rotaract! Check out Terry’s message about young professionals in District 5030 in February’s The Bridge.

You can help fund our trip (we’re getting close to our goal!!) by donating personally at or have your club donate directly to the district to support our trip.

Thank you so much for your time and enthusiasm,
Devon Hay & Sora Moon

Int’l Svc: World Community Svc Comm.

Malaria 100% Participation Drive with Club Match!

Pin ProofWe will be kicking off our 100% participation drive today.  One of these wonderful pins can be yours for just $2 – which Paul C is hoping that you’ll limit yourself to, because he committed the club to a Match!

However, we all know that BBRC members always go above and beyond, so the suggested donation to the ‘Pledge to End Malaria’ campaign is $20, and several folk have paid much more (thanks!).

Donations should be made through the Foundation.  Please wear your pin with Pride.