Friday Mar 25, 2016

Mohamed Jawad Khaki

Co-Founder and CEO Uhuru Software, Inc

“Islamic Identity, Vision and Role in a Pluralistic Society”

Introduced by: Brian Evison

Islam and Muslims have been in the news a lot in recent years.  Labeled as terrorists or terrorist sympathizers by mainstream media, Muslim Americans struggle to define themselves as opposed to being defined by the extremists who perpetuate crimes in the name of Islam or by the Islamophobes who plant fear and mistrust as thdemonize faithful followers of Islam.  Jawad Khaki will lead a discussion about how to build and enhance understanding, across ethnic and faith divides, to stand against terrorism as well as against intolerance, hatred and bigotry.


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Int’l Svc: World Community Svc Comm.

Malaria 100% Participation Drive with Club Match!

Pin ProofWe will be kicking off our 100% participation drive today.  One of these wonderful pins can be yours for just $2 – which Paul C is hoping that you’ll limit yourself to, because he committed the club to a Match!

However, we all know that BBRC members always go above and beyond, so the suggested donation to the ‘Pledge to End Malaria’ campaign is $20, and several folk have paid much more (thanks!).

Donations should be made through the Foundation.  Please wear your pin with Pride.

Third Thursday at Azteca

March Madness!! 3rd Thurs = FOURTH Thursday!

Social Event  •   Organized by Club Admin: Fellowship Committee
By Carmela Ramaglia

Oh Yes We DID!!!

Due to Drinking Leprechauns filling the taverns on St. Patrick’s Day – which happens to fall on our beloved Third Thursday – we decided to embrace the Madness of March and MOVE 3rd Thursday to the FOURTH Thursday this month!!

We will be gathering on Thursday 3/24 (the FOURTH Thursday) at Bellevue Brewing Co to celebrate Friendship, Fellowship, Fun and March Madness (and yes… this time we’re talking NCAA Basketball!) 🙂