Friday Feb 19, 2021

"Care in our Golden Years, and overview of before and post COVID19”

Sandra Cook

Regional Director of Sales Aegis Living

Introduced by: Ann Norman

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This morning Sandra Cook, from Aegis Living and a member of BBRC, will discuss the following topics-

  • A review of why and who should plan for care and how much care
  • Options for care and how much they cost
  • What senior care looked like prior to Covid19 as well as what has changed and what remains the same!

If you are considering a change to senior living for you or a loved one, this is a program which will help educate you on the process and options!

About the Speaker

Sandra Cook is the current Regional Director of Sales at Aegis Living and supports the sale efforts for 18 local senior living communities. She is also responsible for the business development and pre-opening strategies for 7 communities under development, which are expected to open in the next 3 years.

Sandra has worked in senior living exclusively for Aegis Living during the last 12 1/2 years including through the financial turn in 2008 and the current pandemic. She has advocated during this time for thousands of families, guided them through what is often a one-time decision and considered one of the top five decisions someone makes in their lifetime. She drives Aegis Living’s educational efforts in senior care and dementia treatment to prospective families and healthcare partners and is a trusted senior care counselor to religious organizations, retirement communities, aging life care professionals, financial planners and others.