Friday Sep 21, 2018

Dr. Jerry Weber

President Bellevue College

“Bellevue College, The Future is Now”

Introduced by: John Martinka

Our speaker was Dr. Jerry Weber, President of Bellevue College, introduced by John Martinka, to discuss “The Future is Now” at Bellevue College. He shared that Bellevue College (started as Bellevue Community College) is 52 years old, the largest “community college” in the state and has 33,000 students. The student body includes full-time students, part-time, students, high school Running Start students and International students. They have a diverse student population 49 percent Caucasian, 51 percent other races. Continuing education offerings include teaching options – in the classroom, online or a hybrid (a combination of the first two)!

Why is Bellevue College no longer called Bellevue Community College? With the advent of 4-year bachelor degrees in Applied Science, Nursing, Applied Arts and Computer Science, the name change was logical to recognize the higher level of education provided by the school! It would also create doubt with recruiting staffs of companies if the degree was a BS or BA and the college was named Bellevue Community College as they normally offer only Associate (2 year) degrees.

What’s new at Bellevue College?

  • Student housing – 2 Residence Halls have been built to accommodate 400 out of area and International students.
  • The construction of a Student Services Center is in process to consolidate services for students.
  • In the initial stages of developing a strategic plan for the school.

Dr. Weber also shared the biggest challenges at Bellevue College. They are housing (for both students and staff), salaries for staff and competition in the higher education field for students, faculty and curriculum. He discussed the changing landscape in education and the increased competitiveness from both traditional colleges / universities, online education, internet-based question answering options and free online courses from schools around the country.

If you are interested, Dr. Weber shared with us how to get involved with Bellevue College thru: internships for their students and Alumni; Advisory Committees for their Professional-Technical programs (Terri Tanano 425-564-4088); events year-round open to the public (; athletics; and the annual Become Exceptional Luncheon (April 24, 2019. At the end of his talk, Dr. Weber stated “Bellevue College is dedicated to educational excellence”.

Other BBRC news from the meeting! Neil Bretvick is engaged and will marry next summer! Congratulations Neil!

Also, Eli Egner and Doug Pinkley gave their new member talks to share more about themselves.

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Community Svc: Rotary First Harvest

Rotary First Harvest / 2017-2018 Community Report

By Adam Mihlstin

Please check-out the great work Rotary First Harvest is doing throughout the community!

Here’s a sample . . . Food gathered between July 1 – August 31, 2018, 1.3M pounds with an estimated value of $3M – WOW!


2017-2018 Community Report

Oktoberfest 2018

Headcount for OktoBeerfest!

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Q: What’s the worst thing that could happen on Oktoberfest?? 

A: For us to run out of BEER!!

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Oktoberfest 2018

No Third Thursday - Oktobeerfest Instead!!

Social Event  •   Organized by Club Admin: Fellowship Committee
By Carmela Ramaglia

We’re skipping Third Thursday for this month – we’re doing OktoBEERfest instead!! (Yes, Oktoberfest is in SEPTEMBER!!!)

Come Help the BEST DARN CLUB in all of Rotary Celebrate OktoBEERfest!

WHO: You (and guests)

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HOW MUCH: $15 cover at the door