Friday Sep 14, 2018

Nancy Balin

Founder / Executive Director Family Jewels Foundation

“What’s So Funny about Testicles? How an Embarrassing Conversation Could Save a Guy’s Life.”

Scribe: Bob Holert Editor: Bob Holert Introduced by: Chris Boland

Nancy Balin, Founder and Executive Director of “Family Jewels Foundation”, was our speaker this morning, Friday, September 14. Nancy, a lawyer and previously a Prosecutor with King County, started by telling the story “A Tale of Two Jamesons”.

Nancy’s stepson, Jaimeson Jones had testicular cancer in 2004 at 14 while a ninth-grade student. Being a young man, he did not know what the problem was and was too embarrassed to discuss it with anyone. A cross country runner, he continued to run until he was in too much pain to train. At this point the cancer was advanced (stage 4) but he was able to get treatment and the cancer went into remission. Jaimeson graduated from Bothell High and went to Washington State University where he joined the crew team. Sadly, his cancer returned while a freshman at WSU and this time he was unable to overcome it as his first battle had taken a toll. Jaimeson passed away after 18 months of treatment at 20 on October 7, 2010.

Another Jameson, Jameson Taillon, is a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Jameson Taillon at age 25 noticed a problem as one of his testicles had a hard spot. Being a professional athlete and always being careful and in tune with his body, he went to a doctor immediately and found out he had testicular cancer. Getting this diagnosis early, he had one testicle removed and was pitching again 6 weeks later.

Testicular cancer strikes males aged 15 to 44 normally. In the 15 to 24-year male age group, it is the #1 cancer! However, with quick treatment it is easily curable. But it is embarrassing for young men to discuss they have a problem in that area of their body. Young men tend to feel they are invincible but Nancy wants them to understand “they do not want to be embarrassed to death”! With early detection, there is a 95% cure rate! Sadly, 50% do not seek medical help until the cancer has spread.

The keys to avoiding this type of cancer are to get an annual physical, self-check and if you find an abnormality, have it checked immediately. One caution Nancy mentioned – in the annual physical, doctors often do not check for testicular issues so ask them to do so!

Nancy’s passion thru the “Family Jewels Foundation” is to help educate the public and young men to be aware of testicular cancer. She is willing to speak to young men at any time to educate them on the risk factors and detection of testicular cancer. The foundation was created due to Nancy’s love for Jaimeson and her desire to help others avoid the sadness she experienced in losing Jaimeson. Their vision is to end preventable deaths from testicular cancer!

“Family Jewel Foundation” fund raisers include the Family Jewels 5K at St. Edward State Park in March, a pop-up Glassybaby booth and a Fall Pub Crawl. More information can be found if you Google “”

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Oktoberfest 2018

No Third Thursday - Oktobeerfest Instead!!

Social Event  •   Organized by Club Admin: Fellowship Committee
By Carmela Ramaglia

We’re skipping Third Thursday for this month – we’re doing OktoBEERfest instead!! (Yes, Oktoberfest is in SEPTEMBER!!!)

Come Help the BEST DARN CLUB in all of Rotary Celebrate OktoBEERfest!

WHO: You (and guests)

WHAT: Our Annual OktoBEERfest!

WHY: Why Not? It’s a great way to enjoy BBRC Friendship, Fellowship and FUN

WHERE: The Callan/Stengel Schloss home (Address in DacDB under Robin Callan’s info)

WHEN: Saturday 9/29 (Yes, Oktoberfest is really in SEPTEMBER!!) 6:oo-9:00 pm

HOW: Let Carmela know (for headcounts – just hit the blue reply to button) and show up!!

HOW MUCH: $15 cover at the door

Membership: New Member Committee

Save The Date - Craft & Dance Fair / Sept. 15th

By Adam Mihlstin

Save The Date . . . September 15th for a Community Outreach Event.  BBRC will sponsor a table at the Eastside Refugee and Immigrant Coalition event.  The fair will include, Dance demos, Chinese games, Kung Fu demonstration, soap making, henna and Rangoli. Join in the fun – all ages welcome!  1pm – 3pm.  Highland Community Center, 14224 Bel-Red Rd.  Bellevue.

This is a City of Bellevue sponsored event.  It’ll be a great way to meet our neighbors, promote Rotary and BBRC (and, maybe recruit a new member or two!).

Sponsored by the City of Bellevue/Highland Community Center, Eastside Language Learners Alliance, Turkcha, Popcorn: Play, Party and Cook, the Boundless Parenting Group,  and the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club.

Please let me know if you’re interested in helping.  I hope to see you there!