Friday Oct 19, 2018

John Booker, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor UW - Department of Earth & Space Sciences

“Great” and “Catastrophic” Earthquakes affecting the Puget Sound Region

Introduced by: Chris Boland

A great earthquake occurs when a large segment of the Cascadia Subduction Zone breaks. Strong, long period shaking occurs over a very large area and a large tsunami strikes coastal regions. A catastrophic earthquake collapses buildings and infrastructure leading to enormous economic impact and loss of life. In the Seattle area this will most likely be due to a shallow earthquake close to the metro-center.

When were the last events of each kind and when can we expect them again?

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SAA: SAA Support

SAA Shenanigans Afoot!

By Carmela Ramaglia


What was YOUR favorite Halloween Costume as a kid??
Email Carmela to help create SAA fun!!
Better still, send a picture!! 🙂

Third Thursday – OctoberFIESTA!


Social Event  •   Organized by Club Admin: Fellowship Committee
By Carmela Ramaglia

We’ve had Oktoberfest, now let’s make Third Thursday an OctoberFIESTA!!

WHO: YOU (and guests!)

WHAT: Third Thursday OctoberFIESTA

WHY: It’s Third Thursday and well, Why NOT??

WHERE: Azteca on 112th (in Bellevue)

WHEN: Thursday, October 18th, 5:00 pm

HOW: Just show up!!

Executive Committee

District 5030 - Essential Elements Workshop - 27th Oct: noon to 4:00p

By Kaj Pedersen

Clubs across the district will come together to share ideas that working well, and ask for help in areas that aren’t going well.  No need to recreate the wheel!  All shared ideas are yours to take back to your club.  Stealing ideas is encouraged!   To sign up, please go to DacDB by clicking here.




Community Svc: Rotary First Harvest

Rotary First Harvest / 2017-2018 Community Report

By Adam Mihlstin

Please check-out the great work Rotary First Harvest is doing throughout the community!

Here’s a sample . . . Food gathered between July 1 – August 31, 2018, 1.3M pounds with an estimated value of $3M – WOW!


2017-2018 Community Report